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MONDAY-15th We took a nice walk to the Bas Sablons area of Saint-Malo and had a small brunch at a resto on the harbor.

TUESDAY-16th We took the bus to the Carrefour Hypermarché to do our last shopping at this store for the year. They had a few things we can only get there. Our bus ride back was twice as long as usual. There had been an accident at the big roundabout and it really tied up the traffic. Yesterday was a holiday in France with most stores closed (Assumption), and it was sprinkling today so there were more people than usual driving around. Actually the bus was not crowded and very comfortable so it was not much of a problem, just long.

WEDNESDAY-17th We took a walk out to the Mole and watched boats come back and forth to the harbor. It has been much cooler this week so not too many people were in the water.

THURSDAY-18th we had a nice little walk to the Rocabey marché for our usual shopping. We stopped at the butcher, the cheese seller, and the olive seller. On the walk back we met our friend Eliane who was walking to the marché.

In the afternoon we walked to the Esplanade Saint-Vincent. There was a give away of local Brittany products from the yellow “LA TOURNEE! PRODUIT EN BRETAGNE!” truck.

FRIDAY-19th has been a quiet day with not much going on. Sandy tried to buy some Perrier, for the 3rd day in a row, from our small Carrefour City. Today they were sold out of all brands of sparkling water. Sometimes a quiet day is appreciated.

SATURDAY-20th started with a shopping walk to and from the Intermarché Super. We were searching for Perrier and found it at the Intermarché. We had brought our shopping caddy, so we loaded up with three six-packs of Perrier and walked home.

In the afternoon we walked to the harbor. There was a big cruise ship anchored in the bay and its little shuttle boats were transporting sightseers back and forth to Saint-Malo.

SUNDAY-21st has been very gray. It has been overcast all day with an on and off drizzle. A stay in the apartment day.

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That is all for this week in Saint-Malo. Au revoir.