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le lundi 18 juin 2018 – Monday June 18, 2018

La Fournee Malouine, Sandy’s favorite boulangerie, is closed for vacation. La Maison du Pain, a very close boulangerie, is only 58 steps round trip from our apartment door, so that was the breakfast stop for today.

We took the bus to the hardware store Bricorama. It is located across the street from E. Leclerc. We were looking for short, sheer curtains for our bedroom windows and a drapery pull. We found two different style curtains, but since we hadn’t measured accurately, didn’t buy any. We found a drapery pull but just purchased one until we see how it works. Back home for lunch.


could not find the right curtains

le mardi 19 juin 2018 – Tuesday June 19, 2018

In the afternoon we walked out to Le Môle des Noires, the breakwater. The Europa cruise ship was moored in the harbor between Dinard and Saint-Malo. We watched another cruise ship the Silver Wind maneuver to the place where two tug boats were waiting. The tugs then pushed the cruise ship into place. We sat in the sunshine on top of the wall of the Mole and watched for over an hour. The sun felt wonderful!


Silver Wind entering the harbor

le mercredi 20 juin 2018 – Wednesday June 20, 2018

It was foggy and drizzly.  Sandy walked to the Cathedral Boulangerie to buy our breakfast. They were the closest boulangerie open today. However, the sign on their cash register said closed for vacation from Sunday 24 June to 4 July. So it will be Maison de Pain for breakfast next week too.

At around 18h30 pm, Sandy noticed 4 police officers standing at the top of the stairs outside our bedroom window. They had roped off the stairs with two sets of crime tape and the restaurant at the top was closed. At 20h30 we walked by to dispose of our garbage, recycling, and glass, the police and the tape were gone. It was very quiet in the Place du Marché aux Légumes. Wonder what happened??

le jeudi 21 juin 2018 – Thursday June 21, 2018

It is cool today even though the sun is shining. Phil wore a jacket when we walked to take care of some errands.


walked through Saint-Servan in the morning, the library

One of our errands was to stop at the tabac for the local newspapers. There were 3 different articles in the paper about the police existence yesterday. Apparently someone accidentally left a piece of luggage near some benches. The police were called, apartment buildings, restaurants, and bars were evacuated. Then the robotic bomb removal machine was brought from Nantes. The whole area was blocked off for 3 hours. The robot took photos and the locked bag contained makeup and toiletries. A lot of excitement and expense for nothing. Better to be safe than sorry.

Tonight is the Fete de la Music in France. Since 2008 this longest night of the year according to the Solstice (sunrise at 6h05 and sunset at 22h15) is celebrated with a variety of music. There are stages and tents set up all over town with music beginning at 18h00 and lasting until 0h30. The predicted high temperature is 17 C so, everyone will need jackets.

le vendredi 22 juin 2018 – Friday June 22, 2018

It was quite cool this morning. The fruit and vegetables vendor Monsieur Alix continues to help Sandy with correct French pronunciation when ordering fruits and vegetables in the market. The oranges we are buying come from Portugal. The salad, carrots, potatoes are from “down the road.” The melon is from Spain and the strawberries are from here in Brittany. No wonder they all taste divine!!

We wanted to return to the Bricorama hardware store to purchase 3 additional drapery pull rods. They made opening the drapes so easy, we wanted to attach them to the other window coverings. A short bus ride, 7,50 Euros at the hardware store and we were back in our apartment.

In the afternoon we took a bus to the end of la Digue. We checked the opening hours on the Fish and Chips restaurant in Rochebonne in case we wanted to have lunch there on Sunday. Then we walked out to the digue. It was high tide around 15h30 and there were several people attempting to ride the waves on surfboards. It was VERY windy!! A lovely walk with clear sky, no clouds at all, and sunny. Breathing in the clean fresh air is wonderful! The air here always surpasses freshly cut grass and hog confinement farms of the Midwest.

le samedi 23 juin 2018 – Saturday June 23, 2018

Again, it is cool, but the forecast is for a much warmer week. This is the first day Sandy has worn shorts.

We took a #2 bus to the La Découverte stop by the big Intermarche. Then walked through the pedestrian tunnel to avoid the round-about and walked 10 minutes to reach a flea market. It was sponsored by another charitable organization. They had clothing, furniture, a lot of glassware, dishes, household appliances, linen for the home etc. Sandy was looking at curtains for our bedroom windows. She found several pairs that would work but needed two identical pair. It might be difficult to find something used when she wants them to match. It was an interesting and new spot for us.

Alain called in the afternoon to say he was playing boules. We walked to the boules court and took our beach chairs. After greeting Alain and his wife we took our chairs down towards the harbor to sit in the sun. Even after 15h00 the sun was very strong and Sandy only lasted 15 minutes in the sun. We moved under one of the shade trees and watched the boats and people come and go. It’s surprising the difference in temperature between sun and shade here. It feels like there is at least a 10 degree difference.


young gull walking around the harbor

le dimanche 23 juin 2018 – Sunday June 24, 2018

Sandy brought home la flûte Gana (baguette) and a delicious pain aux raisins for breakfast.  La Maison Du Pain does have wonderful bread and treats.

At around 11h30 we took the number 3 bus to the Rousse bus stop in Paramé.  We then walked 1/2 mile to the Fish and Chips resto in Rochebonne we had checked out the other day.  Of course we had fish and chips which were very good.

We then took a walk on the digue, enjoying the sun, surf and people.


children playing rugby on the beach


had lunch at the fish and chip resto in Rochebonne by the digue

We have checked out the pigeon nest.  There is only one squab, the other must have died.  It is getting bigger and its feathers are turning a much darker color.  Hopefully in the next week or so it will be ready to leave the nest.


one squab is still growing