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le lundi 14 août 2017 – Monday August 14, 2017

The temperature is 11C / 52F. However, the forecast is for a high temperature this afternoon of 25C. Quite a warm up.

Yesterday, “le dimanche 13 août”, two French people stopped to talk to Sandy and ask her a question. The first gentleman stopped her on the way to the “recycling” deposit area. He saw that she was carrying one of the city yellow plastic bags and asked her if she was going to the “poubelle” area (garbage can). She said “oui” then he proceeded to tell her it was full and ready to explode. She wasn’t sure what it would look like when she arrived, but he was correct in saying it was full! She left her bag tied together and leaning against the recycling container as a few other people had already done. The other person stopped her just as we exited the bus yesterday on our way to the craft fair. She asked where you caught the return bus to the Intra-Muros. Sandy gave her the answer. She then asked if we knew  anything about the craft fair. Phil replied, yes we had been there at least 3 times. It has more jewelry than we prefer to look at, so it does not take us long to look around.

Today, we took the 8h40 bus to Intermarche. We finished our shopping and were back on the bus at 9h30.

It is a gorgeous day! The temperature is very nice, sunny, and breezy. We have all of the windows open and there is a wonderful breeze blowing through. No grassy smell, no farm animal smell, just clean air! Sandy hung clothes to dry on the balcony and began to clean the outside window sills and window frames.

Last year we bought pancake mix from the “Maison du Quebec.”  We still had some so Phil made pancakes for our lunch. They are similar to buckwheat or whole wheat pancakes in the USA. They were delicious!

After lunch we watched our friend Alain play boules by the ramparts. It was a beautiful afternoon.

On our way back to our apartment we followed a man with a tiny dog in his backpack. It is very common to see French people with their dogs in a purse, or recyclable sack. This backpack was specifically made to carry a dog. The dog appeared to be a Yorkie and looked very content not to risk being stepped on by people.

le mardi 15 août 2017 – Tuesday August 15, 2017

Today is a French national holiday based on the Catholic holy day of the Assumption. The buses will run on a holiday schedule (less frequently) and there are many more people in town. When Sandy returned to our building after buying our croissants, the man who is renting the ground floor apartment was standing outside in his night-shirt. This was at 8h45. He is older than we are and quite rotund, so it was quite a shock and not a particularly attractive sight either.

Sandy shopped at the marché and bought flat peaches and green plums.  They taste very good.



We walked to Saint-Servan along the beach to the “Tour Solidor”. On Tuesday they hold a flea market and antique market. It is a lovely spot to view another harbor.

While walking back towards the Intra-Muros we spotted a bicyclist holding a dog on his lap, towing a small wagon with two more dogs inside. It was very cute and they sped by so quickly we didn’t have time to take a photo.

After lunch we watched our friend Alain play boules. Some of his team were the same teammates as yesterday and some were new. We do not understand all of the scoring or rules. A lovely afternoon with perfect temperature and sun!

le mercredi 16 août – Wednesday August 16, 2017

The forecast high temperature is 25C / 77F a great beach day! High tide is 14h06 this afternoon, so by 16h00, there should be enough beach to walk in shallow water.

Sandy shopped at boulangerie “Simon” for our breakfast. They also have some of the most beautiful and delicious pastries. She bought a “Royale choco-pistache” dessert to have after dinner tonight.


dessert from “Simon”

Look at the lovely box it is put into for carrying home as well as the dessert itself. A lot of effort goes into each lovely piece. She had to wait a minute to pay for our breakfast because the patissier / boulanger was making and labeling some pastries to go in the oven.  He put the tray into the oven, closed the door and waited on her.

We had all of the French doors and windows open in our apartment and it was a fabulous day for drying laundry.

After lunch we watched our friend Alain play boules by the ramparts.

Then we walked towards the mole (breakwater with a lighthouse) to look at one of the beaches. We had thought about walking in the water but it was not hot at all today, so we enjoyed watching boats come and go in the harbor. We will save the ocean for a warmer day.

le jeudi 17 août 2017 – Thursday August 17, 2017

It is cloudy and drizzly. We are on the bus at 8h50 to go to Rocabey marché. Sandy bought “les olives noire sans noyau” so she doesn’t have to remove the pits. Black olives are very flavorful here and are sold by the gram or kilogram. She bought 200 grams. We stopped at the butcher for “faux filet


rilliettes and other aperitif food

” which is a delicious cut of steak, 2 slices of ham for sandwiches, and “farce a tomato” which is the stuffing that comes in stuffed tomato here. We are very fond of tomato farce and often buy yellow or orange peppers to put the stuffing in. We took a photo of some of the “rilliettes” and other aperitif food sold by our butcher.


We saw a cruise ship, the Star Legend,s had come into the basin through the locks early this morning. It is from the Windstar line in case anyone wants to cruise to Saint-Malo.


Star Legend



le vendredi 18 août 2017 – Friday August 18, 2017

Sandy got an early start by shopping at the marché before 9h00.  She bought some fruit and some green beans.



It is our day to tutor with Christine. We stopped to talk to Christine’s neighbor on the way to her house. He likes cats and said his cat is 21 years old. He was very friendly again today.

Michel, Christine’s husband, had rented a carpet shampooer and was out on the terrace shampooing the dining room and living room area rugs.

After lunch we went to the pharmacy to refill prescriptions.   We found out the pharmacy has been sold.  The owner “Philippe” has sold the pharmacy to the owner of the pharmacy by the Cathedral. We do not know if our pharmacy will remain open or if it will close.  We will find out next month.  The sale date for the pharmacy is 31 October. Another change!!

The afternoon was forecast for rain, but the sun was shining, the sky was blue, the wind blowing and it was gorgeous! About 66F / 19C.

le samedi 19 août 2017 – Saturday August 19, 2017

It had rained earlier this morning and was 13C / 55F. Quite cool!

As Sandy walked to the boulangerie to buy breakfast she noticed many people wearing rain jackets and carrying umbrellas. There wasn’t even any rain predicted. Weather constantly changes when you’re near the ocean. Every table was full in the boulangerie. Perhaps a ferry had just arrived from the U.K. or the Channel Islands. She could hear a lot of British English speakers enjoying their tasty French breakfast.

We walked to the Rocabey post office to mail a letter and took the bus home. We stopped in to say “bonjour” to our friend Jean-Louis at his boutique.

After lunch we watched our friend Alain play boules by the ramparts and then walked to the harbor to look at the boats.

The day had alternated between clouds and sun all day. At one time we even saw it rain really hard for about 30 seconds. The day ended with beautiful sunshine and breezy coolness.

le dimanche 20 août 2017 – Sunday August 20, 2017

Sandy purchased lovely looking desserts when she shopped for our breakfast. They were purchased at “La Fournee Malouine” and cost 2,50€.  They were an euro less expensive than she paid at the other boulangerie/pattiserie earlier in the week.

We walked across the ecluse/locks and along “la plage des bas-sablons” to the “Solider Metier des Arts” which is a yearly art fair. One of the exhibits used wooden shoes as part of the art. Sandy didn’t think she would see wooden Dutch shoes in a French art fair!  Funny! The weather was perfect! No jackets or umbrellas needed today.

After walking round trip, and browsing we were ready for a cold drink at Charley’s Bar. Sandy had an Orangina and Phil had grenadine syrup with water. Orangina and other  soda type drinks are tastier in France. They are less sweet and taste more like the fruit they are made from.

We had the lovely desserts after our mid-afternoon dinner.