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Tuesday September 6, 2016

Tuesday September 6, 2016.  Today was the day of the Intra-Muros marché.  Sandy purchased pastèque (watermelon) , melon (cantaloupe), fraise (strawberries), peche plat


pêche plat (flat peach)

(flat peaches) which are not available in the US, pomme (apples), poire (pears), salad (lettuce), tomate (tomato), pomme de terre (potatoes), and carrotte (carrots). We took a walk on top of the ramparts and happened to luck out and spot a ship in the harbor.  It was just high tide and the ship was waiting to enter the ecluse. It is called the  Nao Victoria and is the replica of the Magellan ship that made the first round the world  voyage in the sixteenth century.  The Nao Victoria has the following dimensions: – length ht = 27 m – width = 7 m – draft = 3.30 m – air draft = 22 m.  Imagine sailing around the world in this tiny, bucket shaped boat.  It will be in Saint-Malo for the next 4 days. Click here  for more information about the ship. While walking around the neighborhood, Sandy met and talked to our neighbors.  They will be returning to Paris on Thursday.


The Brittany Ferry Bretagne is 6 times longer and 4 times wider than the Nao Victoria.  The Brittany Ferry goes between France and England.  The Nao Victoria circumnavigated the world, almost 500 years ago.


Não Victoria


Wednesday September 7, 2016

Wednesday September 7, 2016.  The forecast is for a high temperature of 31C which is 88 F.  Hot for here!  Sandy spotted the van of a painter we had been trying to talk to on her way back from buying our breakfast croissant.  After breakfast Phil walked over to talk to the painter.  They both returned to our apartment so the painter could see what we needed to have painted.  Hopefully he will follow through with his date to return.  We walked to the Sillon beach (Plage du Sillon) to see if we could walk in the water but the tide was too high.  So, we walked back to the Plage de Bon Secours beach to enjoy a lovely walk in the water.  There was a small cruise ship idling, probably waiting to enter the ecluse and we spotted not only one but two cormorants fishing for their lunch. We found out later that the cruise ship did not enter the basin but stayed moored off the Mole.


Cruise ship anchored just outside the harbor.

Thursday September 8, 2016

Thursday September 8, 2016.  We made it through another hot day yesterday and it was wonderfully cool this morning at 17 C.  Our friends will be leaving for the train station just before 11:00 so we waited to say “bon voyage” to them before leaving our apartment.  We took the 11:10 bus to Carrefour at La Madeleine Center to shop for groceries.  There were very few people shopping and we were back on the bus to return to the Intra-Muros at 12:22.  After lunch Sandy worked on homework and we took a walk to the harbor around 16:30.  Phil spotted two young cormorants fishing for their dinner.  The Corsaire Ferry arrived and departed, and the Condor Ferry was loading passengers and cars.


The local fish merchant delivering to a group heading out in the boat.

Friday September 9, 2016

Friday September 9, 2016 we spent two hours with Christine on French lessons.  We (all 3 of us) can have an almost fairly normal conversation in French with Sandy only asking for an occasional translation of a word or two.  Much improved from April!  The high temperature for today was 24 C but still felt very warm in the sun. We enjoyed BLT on a French baguette for lunch with a slice of watermelon  (the lettuce and also the tomato) fresh from the marché this morning. Our neighbors that returned to Paris called on the telephone and Sandy answered.  She was able to understand and answer a few sentences in French before panicking and handing the phone to Phil. A first for her and the phone!!

We ate dinner at La Chouamerie restaurant, ranked 14 of the 313 reviewed restaurants on Trip Advisor in Saint-Malo. It opened in 2012 and is just around the corner from us. It was a very pleasant evening.  There were 6 choices for a plat/main dish; a formula fixed menu, and lovely desserts.  Phil had bar (sea bass) and Sandy had beef.  For dessert we tried Lemon Posset and Coulant au Chocolat.  The lemon was a custard/creme anglais and the chocolate/custard was hot and bubbly on top with creme.  They were both delicious!


La Chouamerie Restaurant

Saturday September 10, 2016

Saturday September 10, 2016 is cool and partly cloudy.  There was a chance of rain for the afternoon and around 3 pm started sprinkling.  All of France is very dry from lack of rain. We could really use a day or two of good soaking.  It continued misting or sprinkling until around 19:00.  It was cool enough that we had chili for dinner. We had a quiet day for sure.


Flowers in the Place du Marche aux Legumes


Place du Marche aux Legumes


Place du Marche aux Legumes

Sunday September 11, 2016

Sunday September 11, 2016 and we woke up later than usual.  So late, in fact, that Simon boulangerie was out of croissants when Sandy shopped for breakfast.  Phil enjoyed a croissant almond instead.  We spent an hour and a half on the beach today.  We walked in the water at high tide since the co-efficient was only 32.  For the first time we walked in calf deep water on the side of the pool.  A co-efficient of 32 just barely covers the walls of the pool. We took our beach chairs and enjoyed an almost “private” beach with hardly anyone there after our walk. It was fairly cool all day with the high temperature only reaching 22 C and mostly cloudy.


Sandy standing on the wall at the swimming pool when the high-tide was low.


Wall around the swimming pool.

Monday September 12, 2016

Monday September 12, 2016 was very cool and drizzly when Sandy bought our croissants for breakfast.  The forecasted high was 29 C, hot for here but the morning was great.  We took the bus to the Rocabey post to mail a letter and walked to the Intermarche grocery store for Cheerios, gaseous water, and ice cream.  They actually had 3 check out lanes open today.  A first for our own parking lot behind our apartment building – there was only one car parked there today instead of the usual 11-13 cars all juggling for a spot.  Definitely fewer people around today.


A couple of kayak classes heading out from the beach.

Tuesday September 13, 2016

Tuesday September 13, 2016.  Sandy shopped at the Intra-Muros marché for vegetables and fresh fruit.  She “played tourist” and walked through town looking in the tourist shops.  After lunch she worked on homework for our tutoring lesson.  Phil stayed in the apartment and took it easy since he was having problems with his foot the last day or two. Around lunch time we heard a lot of thunder and it rained off and on for a few minutes.  Later the sun came out and the temperature reached 27 C.  There were more thunderstorms predicted for later in the night.