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Monday August 8, 2016

Monday August 8, 2016 and it’s raining when Sandy walked to the boulangerie for our breakfast croissants.  The chance of precipitation for today was 0%, but a rain cloud must have blown in from the sea.  The sun appeared before noon and the temperature high for the day was 20C or 68F.  We took care of housecleaning chores in the morning.  Sandy can’t reach the top row of windows on our french doors leading to the balcony.  She asked Phil to wash them today.  Phil heard many people coming and going in their cars as he was back and forth between the living room, dining room and balcony as he washed the glass panes.

Tuesday August 9, 2016

Tuesday August 9, 2016 is sunny but cool. The high temperature was again 20 C or 68 F. Sandy wore slacks and a jacket when we took the bus to Carrefour at La Madeleine Center.  We left our apartment at 8:35 this morning to try to avoid tourists and crowds.  We arrived at the store a couple of minutes after they opened.  We purchased all of our items, checked out and were waiting at the bus stop in less than 50 minutes.  However, we purchased so much that Sandy had two reusable shopping bags and Phil wheeled our “cart” which seemed like it weighted 40 pounds!  We hadn’t been shopping except to pick up an item or two for a few weeks and we made up for it today.

In the afternoon we picked up prescriptions from the pharmacy then headed to the harbor.  The tide was on it’s way out.  We watched jet skiers depart and several Corsair ferries arrive and depart.  We walked out to the end of the Mole Noir (breakwater) and decided that was enough sun.  The water was a beautiful emerald color (Cote de Emerald) and many people were enjoying the beach and sea.  It was odd as we walked on the mole and looked down into the water, to think that just the other day, we had walked in the sand around the same structure.  You get a different perspective from walking on land and then walking where water covers the same spot.


Beautiful day at the harbor.  Condor ferry and Corsair ferry in the background.


An interesting sail on this boat.


Beautiful day at the beach; sand, sun and surf.

Wednesday August 10, 2016

Wednesday August 10, 2016 we walked to the Médiathèque La grande passerelle Saint-Malo. It was sunny and cool.  Sandy chose a few books written in English and a few children’s books written in French.  She found the book by Kevin Henkes, titled in English as “Wemberly Worried”.  In French the title is “Juliette s’inquiète”.  Interesting to compare the words from each edition.  In the afternoon it was still too cool to comfortably enjoy the sea, so we took a walk back out to the Mole and enjoyed the harbor.  The sun was hot when it came out from behind the clouds but the fresh breeze kept us from feeling uncomfortable.

Thursday August 11, 2016

Thursday August 11, 2016 is very cloudy.  It looks like it will rain any minute and looks as if it’s time for the street lights to go on in the evening. By the time we took the bus and walked to Christine’s house for tutoring the sun was shining.  No rain in site!  As we waited for the bus to return to Intra-Muros the electronic sign told us we’d only have to wait 9 minutes.  However, the bus didn’t arrive for 20 minutes.  This was the longest wait time we’ve ever had.  Good thing it was a cool day.  We even had to sit in the sun to wait for the bus because the wind was so strong.

In the afternoon we walked out onto the Mole.  There were two cruise ships in the harbor (Insignia and Crystal Symphony) and another cruise ship (Star Legend) in the basin.  All five of the Corsair ferries were operating, the Condor ferry arrived, and there were many sailboats, a few jet skis, and pleasure craft on the water.  Very busy and interesting to watch all of the people etc.


Star Legend in the basin


Insignia in the harbor


Crystal Symphony in the harbor


Shuttle boats from the two cruise ships in the harbor

We wanted to listen to the chants de marin (sailor songs) where the vocal group the Corsairs Malouins interpret sailor songs of yesterday and today.   We love to eat kebab’s at Chez Marcel’s and thought we’d stop there, take our kebab’s to eat at the park then listen to the vocal group.  What a surprise!  The line was out the door and would have probably taken an hour for our food.  We walked over to the (new in 2015) Fish and Chips shop and decided to give it a try.  The food was ready in 10 minutes, the staff were very friendly, and the food was delicious!  We had to find a spot outdoors to eat where the wind didn’t blow quite so hard because it was so cool. We decided to wait until next Thursday to listen to the vocal group because it was so cool.  Try to remember how cool we felt this evening over the next few days.

Friday August 12, 2016

Friday August 12, 2016 is sunny, with a nice breeze, and cool.  The high temperature was 22 C or 72 F. We walked to Saint-Servan to purchase meat from the butcher.  While Phil was in line, Sandy bought blueberries from one vendor and black olives from another.  The lines weren’t too long and we walked back home without bridge or pedestrian delays.


Very nice desserts!

The “La Route de Rock”, which is a specialized programming dedicated to the independent and legendary artists is taking place this weekend.  There are groups performing from Australia, UK, United States, and other countries.  They are performing on the beach and at Fort St-Père.  Usual attendees are young,  wearing hiking books and several backpacks etc. Here is the link:http://www.laroutedurock.com

Also this weekend is the Brainiebas de Regates a St. Malo La mer en Fete!.  This regatta takes place between Saint-Malo and Cancale and includes two days of boat parades at both locations. More information can be found here.

Saturday August 13, 2016

Saturday August 13, 2016 We took the #8 bus down to the Kennedy stop  which is the north end of the Digue, and walked in the water with our beach shoes back to Intra-Muros.  The walk was about 2 miles and a wonderful, lovely, cool walk.  Very invigorating by not lifting your feet our of the water.  We saw quite a few jelly fish that looked like brown striped and spotted hot air balloons, and two dinner plate size white/clear jelly fish. Sandy stayed clear of them!


Crystal clear ocean water and Sandy’s right foot


Walking in the water on the beach at low tide.


Our walk in the water on Saturday August 13.

Sunday August 14, 2016

Sunday August 14, 2016 we walked on the beach from Porte Saint-Thomas near the castle, more than halfway to the north end of the Digue and back.  As we walked around the only piling of rocks Phil spotted our friend and notaire Eric.  How funny to see someone we know!.  In the afternoon, we were able to FaceTime with our son Michael and hear what’s going on with him.  Winona, apparently, is doing fine without us.