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Monday July 18

Monday July 18 is hot!  The forecast is a high temperature of 30 C or almost 90 F.  Hardly anything is air-conditioned, but it always cools off at night.  We finished homework and did a few housekeeping chores this morning.  Phil made pancakes for lunch using the pancake flour we purchased from the Maison du Quebec when they celebrated “Quebec” days.  Very tasty!  This afternoon we went to the beach around 16:00 or 4:00 pm.  High tide was expected at 19:00 or 7:00 pm tonight.  Even three hours ahead of time, we moved our chairs every 10 minutes or so.  When the tide finally reached our flip-flops and towel, towards the walls,  we headed home.  The water felt warmer, but then the air was much warmer!  Plenty of people later this evening are going to regret having stayed so long in the sun today.  There were lots of sunburns!

Tuesday July 19

Tuesday July 19 was already hot when we woke up.  The predicted high temperature is 34 C.  Phil read on-line that the heat and wind we are feeling is coming up from the Sahara Desert.  No wonder it’s hot!! We’ve never been here when it was this hot.  We met Christine for our normal tutoring and it was unpleasant sitting in her house because of the temperature.  We had several glasses of water during our petite pause.  At least there was shade at the bus stop


Hot temps 18th and 19th

when we were ready to go home.  In the afternoon we didn’t do much except read.  It was even too hot for Sandy to concentrate on her homework.  The temperature was just shy of the record for the day. We left the kitchen and shower room window open all night, took luke warm showers before going to bed and had our fan blowing all night in our bedroom.  No problems sleeping.

Wednesday July 20

Wednesday July 20 the temperature was much better!  We completed homework in the morning and went to the beach in the afternoon.  The water felt warm to our feet but the air was very refreshing.

Thursday July 21

Thursday July 21 the air felt cool when we woke up. Sandy almost needs a sweater today.  We met Christine for our tutoring session and the walk from the bus stop to her house was great!  Her mother-in-law (belle mere) is celebrating her 90th birthday this weekend.  Christine and her husband are hosting 50 relatives for dinner Saturday night and Sunday noon. Her husband is one of 8 children.  Before we left, the workman had arrived to put up the tent with a wooden floor in their backyard.  It will be an exciting weekend at her house.

A new ship was in the basin this morning.  It is a Russian sailing ship which had been at the big festival in Brest.   The name of the ship is the SHTANDART.


Russian ship SHTADART



Russian ship SHTADART

Friday July 22

Friday July 22 was lovely and cool.  We did a little shopping at Intermarche after buying fruit at our local market.  Sandy made a reservation for us to have dinner at Diver’s Cite and went alone and spoke in French.  Her language is improving. This afternoon we took our chairs and spent awhile relaxing with our feet in the sea.  The tide was on it’s way out and we had to walk a long way to reach water.  There were many people with rakes searching in the rocks for their dinner.


It was low tide and we walked way out from the ramparts.


Sandy enjoying her chair on the beach.

Saturday July 23

Saturday July 23 was great weather day.  We spent about 3 hours with our trip to the braderie at Paramé.  We saw a lot of stuff, but we didn’t buy much.  There were some interesting things at the braderie. There was a pig roasting in front of a restaurant, a set of baskets for a donkey and our friend Jean-Louis.

In the afternoon we went to the Port Dinan to watch the boules game.


Alain playing at the boules area by the Port Dinan

After the boules we went to the harbor.  There was an emergency fire department ambulance parked at one of the ramps.  After about 20 minutes, a boat came into the harbor and brought someone to the ambulance.  The person seemed to have a leg injury of some sort.


Ambulance staff getting ready to load an accident victim.

Sunday July 24

Sunday was a pretty quiet day.  We walked to the Médiathèque to return some books and check out some more.  On our walk we passed the basin and we saw that there were quite a few of the Transat race boats  moored there.  They had completed the return leg of the race which was from Montreal, Canada to Saint-Malo.


Transat boats in the basin.


Monday July 25

Monday July 25 was q very quiet day in the streets.  It was very pleasant as we walked to the Quic-en-Groigne Hotel to visit our friends Michel and Marie-Dominique.  They are finally finished helping one of their daughters move to Bordeaux and Michel’s mother change apartments Intra-Muros. We took care of some correspondence, finished homework and headed to the beach after 4:00 pm.  The temperature of the air and the water felt great!

Tuesday July 26

Tuesday July 26 has been a pretty overcast day.  The temperature has been very nice, but not much sun today.

We did see a car with a license plate from Poland today.  They  drove a long way.