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Thursday July 7, 2016

We had our usual French lesson with Christine this morning.

We got to see the Folklores du Monde parade at 6 in the evening. We were then entertained by a couple of the groups. Very interesting. Pictures are at this link.

Friday July 8, 2016.

Today  the day started with bright sunshine and a temperature by 2 pm of 23 C.  We took care of some shopping and looking around this morning with the plan to go to the beach after 3 pm.   Sandy packed our “beach bag” with water to wash off our feet, a towel, water shoes, and a rattan mat to put everything on while we’re in the water.  However, by 3 pm it was cloudy and the temperature had cooled off.  So, Sandy worked on homework while Phil read a book. The forecast for Saturday and Sunday are sunny and a high temperature of 26 or 27 C.  We’ll go to the beach over the weekend since our bag is already packed.

At 6 in the evening we watched the Folklores du Monde parade and were entertained by a couple of the Folklores du Monde groups.  This was the third night in a row that we have seen the groups.  Tonight was extra special.  The musical quintet called “Los Uros” provided the music.  They are from the Lake Titicaca area in Peru.  They accompanied dancing groups from Bolivia and Argentina.  They were excellent and Sandy’s favorite so far.


Los Uros from Peru

There have been many more people arrive in Saint-Malo this week.  There are more people walking in the streets, we hear more car doors open and close as people arrive, and restaurants are busy at all hours, not just the French “dinner hour” of around 20 hours or 8 pm.

Saturday July 9, 2016

Today the L’Hermione left Saint-Malo.  It had been here for about a week.  We had to wait about an hour for the ship to pass our position on the ramparts. The L’Hermione was accompanied by the Etoile du Roy and dozens of small boats.   Pictures of the departure of the L’Hermione are at this link.

As we waited for the L’Hermione to sail by, we got to see small coastal freighter enter the harbor, the Brittany Ferry steamed off to England, the Condor Ferry entered the harbor from Jersey, and we could see the Condor Commodore Goodwill approaching on the horizon.

We went to the beach this afternoon.  The water was still really cold, but we were able to wade around a bit.


L’Hermione departing Saint-Malo