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It has been a while since our last post.  That was mostly my fault. My habit of doing a daily post, like most of my good habits was easy to stop, unlike my bad habits which are always difficult to stop. So, there were no posts for most of June.  June was not a great month as Sandy had to go to the doctor multiple times, had a foot X-ray, had a blood test and a uric acid test.  But now it is July and she is in much better shape.  The second round of antibiotics seem to have done the trick.  Her foot is feeling better than it has for months! So we will put June and Sandy’s foot problems behind us and head into the second half of the year.  – Phil

The ship L’Hermione is moored in the basin.  L’Hermione is a replica of the French 3 masted ship which took the Marquis de LaFayette from France to America 1780. The ship participated in several naval engagements against the British navy during the American Revolution. A bunch of L’Hermione pictures are at the end of the post.

This is the week of the Folklore du Monde which is an interesting festival held every year here in Saint-Malo.

We have seen many individuals dressed in 17th and 18th century costumes to coincide with the ship.

It is still daylight at 22:30 or 10:30 at night and the sun rises at 6:10 am, although we aren’t awake to see it.

We now have a library card for the Saint-Malo Médiathèque which is part of the Pôle Culturel La Grande Passerelle.  Sandy is able to read aloud (not always with a correct pronunciation) and understand about 85% of a book written in French for 7-10 year old children.  Believe it or not, that’s great progress!