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Monday June 6, 2016 was the day for cleaning and rearrangement.

Phil worked in the living room and dining room.  Sandy worked in our bedroom, the shower room, and the wc.  Things are cleaner and shining.

This was the warmest day we have had here so far. The high temperature was 23 C or 73 F. Even though it was warm there was very little breeze and the dew point was high.  It is supposed to get foggy this evening.

We walked out to the harbor around 16:00.  We could see the fog coming in from the ocean. There was a lot of activity in the harbor for a Monday.  The Corsair Ferry came and went twice from Dinard.  The Condor Ferry arrived from the Channel Islands.  There were people on the sand bars searching for mussels and other sea creatures.  It is called “pêche à pied” or fishing on foot.


Etoile Molène on the left, Condor ferry in the background, and Corsaire ferry in the foreground

An ambulance arrived and seemed to be waiting for something.  Soon a large white sailing ship, similar to the pirate boat, appeared.  It is the Etoile Moline which is a ship used for tourist excursions.


Etoile Molène

Two employees from the boat brought  two  passengers to the ramp and the emergency workers took them inside their van.  The van left a few minutes later.  There must have been an injury or illness on the sailing ship.


Passenger from the Etoile Molène being taken to the ambulance

There was also some work going on in the harbor for the dock which will accommodate the local fishing boats.  It looks like it will be done by the end of June.


Work going on to build the dock for the fishing boats