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Saturday June 4 is foggy and gray.  It is international day for us.  We will be in…

  • France
  • Asia
  • Ireland
  • Italy


Phil walked to the Maison de Pain for a gana baguette for our breakfast.

We left our apartment around 9:30 to walk to Porte de Dinan to catch the “Navette” bus to Saint-Servan.  The navette, is a shuttle bus which takes a route from Intra-Muros, to the Gare, to Saint-Servan and then back to the Intra-Muros.

We wanted to check out the roses at the Rosarie Sainte Anne and stop at the Au Panier d’Italie to purchase food for dinner. We waited only 4 minutes for the bus and we were off.  It was fun riding a slightly different route. The bus route passed the yacht whose mast we see from our living room window.  We walked past the Asian take away restaurant that we always comment “some time we’ll have to stop” there.

Not all the rose bushes at the Rosarie were in full bloom.  However, the flowers that were blooming were gorgeous!  All our pictures from today’s visit to the Rosarie are at this picture link.2016-06-05 La Roseraie Sainte Anne


Roseraie Sainte Anne


Roseraie Sainte Anne


Roseraie Sainte Anne

A gentleman taking a walk in the Roseraie spoke to us and Phil had a short conversation with him.  He told us he was 90 years old and lives in the neighboring retirement home.  He was very friendly, spoke fairly slow, and Sandy understood everything he said.


The retired man who spoke with us in the  Roseraie Saint Anne


Sandy admiring the flowers in the Roseraie Sainte Anne

We walked around another corner and heard an older lady talking to us.  She was on the other side of the fence, on her knees, and at first we thought she’d lost her glasses.  She took Sandy’s hand while Phil walked to the gate to see what was going on.  By then, another gentleman met Phil at the gate and said the lady was from the nursing home. A nurse came out to talk to the lady, who let go of Sandy’s hand.  A second nurse joined the first nurse. The nurses thanked Sandy for her help and took the lady inside.  The man told Phil the gate is locked for a good reason.


We stopped in the Asian take away restaurant Le Paradis d’Asie and purchased 4 pork nems (egg rolls) and a chicken-vegetable-noodle dish and a shrimp dish.  There were 10 large-sized shrimps in the dish and Phil enjoyed them.  Sandy ate about half of her chicken dish so the rest will be lunch another day.


Asian take-out restaurant in the Saint-Servan district of Saint-Malo


We made a second stop at the Irish store, LE COMPTOIR IRLANDAIS DE SAINT-MALO, for orange marmalade. It was a short stop, but still a little taste of Ireland in Saint-Malo.


Our third stop was at the Au Panier de Italie for lasagna, and gratin filled courgettes/zucchini for tomorrow.  This stop took a little bit longer.  There is so much good-looking food in this place we could have stayed much longer.  We’ll just have to come back again.


After our delicious Asian lunch we went to the harbor and quite a lot of activity was under way.

But the first thing we did was to get out the bag of old bread, broke it into small pieces and fed it to the birds.


We saw the harbor pilot’s boat come into the harbor from the direction of the ocean.  That usually means a ship has just left the harbor or a ship is just about ready to enter the harbor.


Harbor pilot’s boat returning to the harbor

A few minutes after the return of the pilot-boat, the Condor Ferry which had been in the harbor left its dock and headed out of the harbor.  At the same time, the Condor Ferry cargo ship Commodore Goodwill was approaching the harbor.


Condor Ferry (on the left) leaving the harbor and Condor ship Commodore Goodwill (on the right) entering the harbor