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Friday, June 3 in Saint-Malo is forecasted to be a cloudy day.

A trip to the La Madeleine Center and the Carrefour Hypermarche.  While walking to the bus stop we saw a license plate from Denmark.  First one of the year from the Danes.

Denmark license plate

Denmark license plate

We managed to get everything on our list at the Carrefour.  We even got everything in the roller cart.  On the way back from the Intra-Muros bus stop at the esplanade Saint-Vincent we took a couple of pictures of the marquees which were being set up.  The marquees will be used this weekend when there is a bicycle event in the city.


Marquees on the esplanade Saint-Vincent for the bicycle event this weekend


Marquees on the esplanade Saint-Vincent for the bicycle event this weekend

In the afternoon we took a walk to the harbor to see what was happening.  It had been almost 9 days since our last visit to the harbor.  The construction in the harbor was still underway to accommodate the fishing boats.


Construction work in the harbor to accommodate the fishing boats

There were also a couple of men fishing from the other boat ramp.


Men fishing from the boat ramp

On the way back from the harbor we stopped at a used book shop.  Sandy took a quick look at their English language books, but decided she did not need one at this time.  There were still several back at the apartment which she had not read.

Our apartment is on the 2 floor (3rd floor in USA terms). From our apartment we cannot see the ocean, the harbor or the basin.  But we are actually just a few hundred feet from any of them.  Today there is a large sailing ship, the ANAKENA, in the basin and we can see the top of its tallest mast from our window (in the red rectangle below).27407576646_bdc9bcc683_k