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Wednesday June 1 is the day for haircuts.

This morning we awoke to a lot of noise outside. We knew the city workers were returning to continue work on the street because we’d seen the no-parking signs.  When we looked out the window today there were 2 or 3 workers and several machines.  It was very noisy and our building was vibrating.


Our street with part of the old surface removed.


Asphalt truck with a worker wheeling some asphalt around the corner.

We stayed in our apartment and completed homework for our tutoring session tomorrow with Christine.

After lunch we went out to walk to our haircuts. We were supposed to have our haircut last week, but we had postponed the haircuts till this week.  We had postponed the haircuts because we expected to be in Normandy. Instead we had stayed home to take care of Sandy’s infected foot. Because we had delayed the haircuts for a week we were both overdue and glad to have our haircut.

On the way to the coiffure we walked on the high street and saw the new flower planters hanging from the buildings.


Flower planters on the high street.

Construction workers finished working for the day around 16:30.  They’ll return tomorrow to asphalt the area in front of our building.  Asphalt is so much better than mud!

It was cloudy and cool all day with a high temperature of 15 C.