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Monday May 30 is a normal work day in France.

It’s a Bank Holiday in the UK and Memorial Day in the US.

We watched a “cherry picker” come down the street.  It was guided by a worker using a remote control driving device.  He was taking photographs and examining the roof and chimney of a neighbor building.


Cherry picker with worker positioned at the end of our street, working on the roof and walls of the building


Worker in the cherry picker approaching the building at the end of our street

Sandy’s foot has continued to improve.  It felt much better today but is still a bit swollen.  She’s still not able to wear her normal shoes.  She did take a walk with Phil and did not have any problems.  Her foot still showed an imprint of the sandal straps in just 15 minute of walking.  Not completely back to normal.

During our walk we went to La Poste to mail a letter.  In the same square as La Poste, Place des Frères Lamennais, the former government tax office is being converted into a luxury hotel.


Place des Frères Lamennais – Former government tax building (background) is being converted to a luxury hotel


Worker tossing old material out of the former government tax office building as it is being converted to luxury hotel

We noticed “no parking June 1 to June 3” signs placed around our building.  Hopefully the city will be completing the work on the water pipes and finally resurfacing our street following the construction.  Fingers are crossed on this one.

Phil took Sandy back to the apartment and left with our neighbor Jean for a coffee.