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It is Friday May 27, 2016.  It has been a long week for sickie Sandy.

Sandy was in less pain today but her foot and ankle were still swollen. But considering she could hardly walk on Wednesday there has been some good progress.

Phil left the apartment before 9 am to shop at the Intra-Muros marché for fr27008421430_fe73c6d388_kesh fruit and vegetables.  He brought the items back to Sandy for washing.  He then left to catch the bus to the Carrefour Hypermarche at the La Madeleine Center.  He did quite a bit of shopping, filling our roller cart to the brim with some overflow in a separate bag. Luckily Sandy gave him a picture of the type of milk to buy.  There are many types and it  is often confusing.  He then took the number 1 bus toward the Intra-Muros.

While waiting for the bus he took this picture.27283659625_86beca2c6c_k

Phil stopped at the Saint-Servan marché on the way back.  The butcher we most frequently use, Ferme les Aubriais, is at the marché on Friday and Tuesday. We needed some ground beef, chicken breasts, and pork chops.  The marché was quite busy.


Busy Saint-Servan marché


Busy Saint-Servan Marché

It is easier to walk home from Saint-Servan instead of taking the bus, so that is the route Phil took.

On the way he saw the Brittany Ferry heading out of the harbor.


Brittany Ferry leaving the harbor

During the walk the bridge was open and the lock/ecluse was open.  A “pirate” ship was on its way out to the harbor.


Pirate ship in the lock/ecluse

On his way home Phil stopped at Macaron Simon Boulangerie for a baguette and some macarons. Then a quick stop at the Tabac Presse des Cordiers  for a newspaper.  Then home.


Tabac Presse des Cordiers – my shop for newspapers and candy treats

It was cloudy all morning but sunny this afternoon.