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Thursday May 26, 2016 and neither one of us shops for a baguette for breakfast.  We had bread left over from yesterday.

Sandy slept much better last night and so of course Phil was able to also.  Sandy’s foot was slightly less swollen and she was not in excruciating pain. An improvement.

Phil left our apartment around 10 am with Jean our neighbor to shop at the Rocabey marché and Intermarche grocery store. However, Phil only came home with two items out of 20 on our list.  He’ll take care of everything else tomorrow.

Sandy enjoyed the warm air and sunshine sitting on the new chairs on our balcony while he was out.

After lunch Phil went to the Carrefour City in the Intra-Muros for a few items.  He bought salad and bread to have for dinner tonight with Coq au Vin.  Sandy had made the Coq au Vin a couple of weeks ago and froze most of it. While going to the Carrefour Phil took this picture of the old Telegraphe-Poste-Telephone building.

Telegraph -Post-Telephone building in the Intra-Muros

Old Telegraphe-Poste-Telephone building in the Intra-Muros

Sandy caught up on some sleep with quite a long nap, at least for her.  She was awoken by thunder and lightning.  The weather forecast for today  was a high temperature of 21 C and disruptions caused by thunder and lightning.  The forecast was true!

Sunrise is now at 6:15 and sunset is now at 21:56 (9:56 PM).  A lot of day light.