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Wednesday May 25, 2016 is a gorgeous day!

Sandy spent a very uncomfortable night due to the pain in her foot.  Phil shopped for a baguette for breakfast.

Instead of heading off to pick up our rental car to drive to Normandy, Phil cancelled the chambre d’hote reservation and the car reservation.  With Sandy’s foot hurting so much it was not a good idea to travel.  We will reschedule the trip to Normandy as soon as Sandy’s foot is better.

At 9:15 Phil stopped by the doctor’s office to arrange an appointment for Sandy. There was an 11:40 appointment available for today so he took it.  The doctor’s office is located in the Intra-Muros right next to the cathedral, a distance of only 300 meters (328 yards).  Very close, but also a long way when you have a sore foot.

While getting ready to walk to the appointment, Sandy had trouble finding shoes which would fit on her swollen foot.  It’s a good thing she had decided to bring a pair of sandals with velcro straps from the USA because none of her other shoes would have fit on her swollen foot.  A last-minute packing decision turned out to be essential, at least for today.

At the doctor’s office we waited about 20 minutes before she came to the waiting room to bring us back to her office. The doctor  was a very nice lady.  She told us her mother was English so language wasn’t a problem. Sandy was convinced she had gout, but had sense enough to go to the doctor rather than self-medicating. Sandy’s diagnosis of gout was mistaken, it was an infection.  Her foot was infected in the same spot where she had received an injection last February for arthritis.   The doctor drained the infected spot on Sandy’s foot, put an antibiotic on it and bandaged it. Sandy got 4 prescriptions and was charged 25€ for the appointment which with the exchange rate today was $28.

Phil took Sandy back to the Place du Marché aux Legumés and sat her down on one of the benches, then he went off to the pharmacy to get the prescriptions.  The 4 prescriptions, 2 oral and 2 topical for two weeks, cost 67€ or $75.

When Phil returned to Sandy, there were 2 gulls walking around in one of the flower beds.  It is not often that 2 gulls are found walking around this close to each other.  One usually chases off the other. But these 2 seemed to get along pretty well.27170339591_55754b92ef_k27205576256_4ad1cf9bb6_k27240072995_15c14487df_k