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Tuesday May 24 is a gorgeous day! The high temperature was 19 C or 66 F.

Sandy’s foot was still bothering her so Phil shopped for breakfast. Sandy decided she needed to rest her foot so we did not meet with Christine for tutoring. Sandy did enjoy sitting on the balcony in the new chair before lunch with her foot propped up on the new table.

We have always claimed the food in France is superior in taste to the food in the US. Today we ate frozen mini pizzas for lunch. They were not like any frozen US pizza we have ever had. Unless you saw the package, you would not realize they were frozen. There were fresh tasting tomatoes, fresh tasting cheese on top and the crust tasted great too.


Buitoni Piccolinis frozen pizza

Late in the afternoon Sandy wondered if she might have gout in her foot. After searching on the internet, that looked like a possible diagnosis. Phil went to the Carrefour City market for cherry juice to see if the online treatment might work.

Cherry (Cerise) juice

Cherry juice – Cerise jus