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Monday May 23, 2016 and the morning started with Sandy’s foot hurting.

Therefore, Phil did the shopping at the boulangerie for breakfast. He managed to bring home a baguette, a pain au chocolat, and a croissant.

After breakfast, we walked slowly to the bus stop as Sandy’s foot was sore even after soaking it twice. We were on the bus at 8:50 to go to the Carrefour hypermarche at La Madeleine Center. We wanted to pick up the cleaning (if the automated process worked) and buy two chairs for our balcony. We took our shopping cart with us and a couple bungee cords in case they would help bring the chairs home.

We found the chairs we wanted. Phil tied the chairs onto the cart as they were heavier than we expected.  We then stopped at the cleaners. The “ticket reader” scanned the code on our receipt and the cleaned clothing rack started moving.  The rack stopped moving.  A mechanical arm grabbed the clothing and presented it to us. “Voila!” we had our cleaning and we were on our way back to our apartment. It was  cool, windy, but sunny on the walk back from the bus stop. The shopping cart came in very handy.

Two new gray chairs to join the gray table on the balcony.

Two new gray chairs to join the gray table on the balcony.

After lunch Phil stopped at the post office to pick up a package and mail a letter. He also stopped at the pharmacy to buy Epson salts for Sandy but could not find any. We’ll have to try a larger pharmacy another day.

Sandy noticed the city had mowed the grass and replaced the flowers in the Place du Marché aux Légume, but we haven’t seen them up close.