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Sunday May 22, 2016 and the forecast is for 100% chance of rain afternoon.

After breakfast we were ready for a walk. We looked outside and discovered it was already raining. There was also a chance of disruption due to thunderstorms. Not a good day to walk on the beach.

We waited in the apartment until 14:00.  Now the sun was shining and it hadn’t rained since 11 am so we left the apartment. We took a leisurely walk around the ramparts without getting rained on.

As we came around the south-west corner of the ramparts we spotted many gulls flying in circles.  It was low tide, so maybe something in the exposed beach attracted them.  It was like a mini-audition for the movie The Birds.

Gulls flying in circles above the ramparts

Gulls flying in circles above the ramparts at low tide

The walk was the most enjoyable rampart walk we’ve had so far this year. As we stated a day or so ago, there aren’t very many tourists in town. That makes it very appealing to walk on the ramparts as we’re not elbowing our way or having to say “pardon” every couple of feet to walk around people. There was a nice, cool breeze, perfect to blow away any allergy issues, which Sandy experienced earlier this morning. She believes the sea air is like automatic “nasal saline spray” and clears up any stuffy nose.

While walking on the ramparts we saw some new activity in the harbor in the area where the dredger had been working until recently.  There was a new barge with a large crane on it.  They are probably getting ready to start the next phase of the harbor remodeling.  The remodeling will allow fishing boats to moor outside the ecluse/lock, therefore avoiding having to traverse the ecluse/lock.  It should save them time and effort.

Large crane in the harbor

Barge with a large crane in the harbor

On the west walls of the ramparts we could see that it was low tide.  The beach spread out in front of us for hundreds of feet.

Beach at low tide

Beach at low tide

When we returned we enjoyed ham steak, baked sweet potatoes, fresh green beans, a salad, and a lovely strawberry tart for Sunday dinner. It was a nice quiet, relaxing, uneventful Sunday.

By the way, the 100% chance of rain in the afternoon was wrong.  There was no rain in our part of Saint-Malo.