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Saturday May 21, 2016 the forecast is for a high temperature of 20 C but little sun.  Today is a number 3 bus day.

Sandy bought a new patisserie for breakfast today.  It was a creme patissiere pepite chocolat.  It was croissant dough, nice and flaky, light creme filled with melted chocolate chips.  Delicious! 27154282035_9a041a46a8_o

After breakfast we took the number 3 bus to Courtoisville, a new (to us) area of Saint-Malo.  One of the public elementary schools were holding their annual rummage sale.  Looking and reading at signs related to clothing items, sizes, prices, and listening to conversation is good for Sandy as well as enjoyable.  It was held outdoors and there were at least 40 venders.  We didn’t buy anything but it was interesting to browse.

We retraced out steps back to the number 3 bus to continue farther out-of-town towards the E.Leclerc Shopping Center area.  We needed to go to Jardinland which is a huge garden center.  They have plants, landscaping materials, outdoor furniture, and gifts.  We were looking for chairs to leave on our balcony.  We didn’t find what we were looking for and walked into Bricorama, next door to look for chairs. They didn’t have anything we cared for so we walked across the street to E.Leclerc.  Again, they didn’t have what we wanted so we caught the number 3 bus back towards home.

We stopped at the Paramé Mairie on the way back.  They were holding a “free trade” show and sale.  We tasted some 80% chocolate but didn’t buy anything.  Finally it was time to return. We walked to the bus stop and sat on a bench waiting for the bus.  While we were waiting, it turned 12 noon.  The clock in the building behind us struck its bell and startled Sandy.  She jumped just a little. After a couple of minutes we caught the number 3 bus back towards Intra-Muros.


Bell (very top of the picture) that made Sandy jump just a little bit

When we got back to the esplanade Saint-Vincent, we decided to have lunch at La Pie Qui Boit.  You can certainly tell there were few tourists in town because so many restaurants were not busy.  You could actually walk down the main street without any difficulty. Phil had an Orangina to drink and it came in the usual glass bottle, but it came with an official Orangina glass.  The glass had an anthropomorphic female giraffe sipping an Orangina.  Apparently Orangina ran a lengthy advertising campaign with anthropomorphic animals.

We enjoyed lunch outdoors on the terrace.  They were actually busy with two large tables of British tourists.  Nino the black lab sat right near Sandy as he remembered she had given him a taste of her lunch in the past.  For dessert we shared a crepe filled with conficture de Citron.  It was tart and sweet at the same time.  Very tasty!


Took the picture when we were almost done with the crepe au citron.