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Friday May 20, 2016 and we’re out of our apartment and at the bus stop by 9:00.

Before discussing Friday, we wanted to post some pictures we took on our way Thursday evening to the movie at the Maison du Quebec.  The trees are in the Place des Frères Lamennais in the Intra-Muros area of Saint-Malo.  We are not sure of the type of tree, but the blooms are very pretty.


Trees line the Place des Frères Lamennais



Some of the trees living in the Places des Frères Lemennais



Blossoms on the trees which line the Place des Frères Lamennais

Now on to Friday!  We needed a few items from the Carrefour hypermarche at the La Madeleine Center. We needed to try the dry cleaner which is located in the mall portion of the La Madeleine Center. We also wanted to stop at the Saint-Servan market for meat on the way home.

The dry cleaner stop was interesting.  We dropped off the cleaning, paid in advance and were given a ticket, similar to the process in the USA.  However, getting our cleaning back will be a little different. The ticket information is to be entered into an automatic retrieval machine that returns your dry cleaning.  We’ll return to pick up the cleaning on Monday and see how well it works.

Compared to last week, there were a lot less shoppers today at both locations, Carrefour and the Saint-Servan market. Last weekend was a 3 day weekend in France, so there were a lot of tourists in town, not this week.


Marche shoppers


Marche shoppers

At the butcher we purchased some rump-steak, a couple of slices of ham for sandwiches, and a thick slice of ham for dinner on Sunday.

We walked home from the Saint-Servan market and for the first time did not meet anyone on the bridge between the lock/ecluse and harbor.  It is usually a “fight” crossing the bridge.  The sidewalk is barely wide enough for two pedestrians.  If one of the pedestrians is wearing a backpack or they stop to admire the view, there is a chance the person walking in the other direction will be pushed into the traffic.  No problems today.😀