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Monday May 16 is a holiday in France, Pentecôte (Pentecost). Many businesses are closed today. Interestingly enough some places which are normally closed on Monday are open today.

So today we got to use the free entry tickets to the Étonnants Voyageurs event.  The event is largely a huge book sale.  Many of the authors are present and will sign their book for you.  We purchased three books, two with Sandy in mind and one for Phil.  One book is titled Anglais Le guide de conversation des enfants.  It is for French children to learn English. But Sandy uses it in reverse, to learn French.

This afternoon we walked to the harbor.  The Minerva is anchored in the harbor today.  Little shuttle boats take passengers from the ship to and from Saint-Malo.

Minerva in the harbor

Minerva in the harbor