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Sunday May 15 is to be taking a long walk and checking on the flowers in a local garden.

There is a nice garden in Saint-Servan.  It is a public space which we first stumbled across in 2011.  It is called La Roseraie Sainte-Anne.  It is a lovely garden situated between large apartment buildings.  The predominate flower is the rose, of which there are many varieties, but there are also many other types of flowers.  Many of the rose bushes had buds, but few had flowers.  In the next week or so there should be many blooms.  We will schedule another visit for next week.

Here are a couple of pictures from the garden. To view our all our pictures from our walk to and from La Roseraie Sainte-Anne, click on this link.

On our way to La Roseraie Sainte-Anne we took a pretty direct route through Saint-Servan.  On the way back we took a much more scenic walk.

In the anse des Sablons, cove of Sablons, we have a great view of a short wall which separates the harbor from the swimming and bathing area.  Usually it is under water, but today there is a low tide and the wall is exposed enough so people can walk on it from one end of the anse (cove) to the other.


short wall between the harbor on the right and the bathing area on the left

Also in the anse des Sablons there was a young woman making an elaborate sand castle.  She was quite good at it.P1020595

We had a late afternoon visitor.  There was a tapping at the bedroom window and it was a gull saying hello.  More likely it was looking for food.

gull at the bedroom window

gull at the bedroom window