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Friday May 13 and the slight fog and overcast skies continue for the third day.  We understand from some locals that this is pretty much normal weather for a week or so every May.

An early expedition to the Carrefour hypermarche at the La Madeleine center is the task for the morning.  We got to Carrefour about 9:10 and most of the stores in the center were still closed.  The Carrefour was about as empty as it ever gets.  We actually got all the items on our list.  That does not always happen.

The trip back had an additional planned stop.  Yesterday, Thursday, we had missed a delivery at the apartment.  UPS left us a note stating the package would be available on Friday at a local drop off spot.  The drop off happens to be the Le Trimaran bureau de tabac, which is a bar/tabac/presse.  They sell magazines, newspaper, lottery tickets, candy, tobacco products, and they have a bar.  The bar serves coffee, wine, beer, or soft drinks.  And to top it off, you can also make horse racing bets!

After picking up the package we returned to the Intra-Muros and walked through the parking lot looking for foreign license plates.  Today we found one from Italy (I).

Italy license plate

Italy license plate

Yesterday we started planning a small trip to Normandy during the week of May 23.  We

Gomina Coiffure

Gomina Coiffure

had already scheduled haircut appointments for that week, so today we walked to the haircut shop (Gomina Coiffure) to change our appointments.

In the afternoon we took a walk to the harbor to see what was happening.  The Condor Ferry was just pulling into the harbor to dock.  The dredging vessel and the barge were gone.  We speculate the job of deepening the harbor is done.  The next step will be to build the docking / mooring stations for the fishing boats.  That is all supposed to be done by the end of June.  As for the harbor today, it was pretty quiet all over the place.  The ocean was very calm and not much was going on.

A very quiet harbor today

A very quiet harbor today, with some fog in the background