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Wednesday May 11, 2016 and the fog has disappeared over night. It is cloudy and cool all morning.

Phil met our neighbor Jean for coffee and Sandy worked on homework in the morning.

We chose a Chambre d’Hôte to stay at later in the month when we visit the Normandy region. We received confirmation for our two night stay. How we have to rent a car!?!

Sandy received notification that she won two tickets to the international book rubon1-6d6f2festival to be held this weekend. It is called festival ETONNANTS VOYAGEURS and runs Saturday to Monday. There are more than 39 different countries represented. All of the hotels are fully booked for the weekend. The contest Sandy entered was sponsored by the local bus company KSMA.

After lunch we took the bus to the gare where Sandy picked up her winning tickets. It was Wednesday afternoon and we forgot that the students here are out of school in the afternoon. Some schools hold class on Saturday mornings to make up for the Wednesday and some schools are in session just 4.5 days. In 2014 we avoided going anyplace on a Wednesday afternoon to avoid the students. Today, because there were so many students going to the mall, we stood on the bus. It is a very short ride to the gare, so it was not a problem.

We picked up the tickets and then walked to the Intermarche grocery store for Cheerios, ice cream, and bolognese sauce. We spotted several additional items that we wanted so it’s a good thing we brought two bags. The stores here will sell you bags if you forget, but we always bring our own. We walked back to catch the bus and only waited one minute.

This morning at coffee with Jean, Phil found out that Jean had been shopping for his morning coffee which was Maxwell House Cappuccino (bon jusqu’a la derniere goutte = good to the last drop).  Phil took a picture of the label on the empty coffee container.  Jean planned to go to the Carrefour hypermarche in the next couple of day to get the coffee, but it is not easy for him to get there.  In the afternoon Sandy found the cappuccino at the Intermarche, so we purchased it.  Jean was quite happy when we brought it up to his apartment.

Jean's Maxwell House Cappuccino

Jean’s Maxwell House Cappuccino