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Tuesday May 10, 2016 is sunny but cool. The forecast is for rain so we planned to wear our raincoats for our trip to Christine’s house for tutoring.

Today is a 10AM French lesson day.  There were no problems waiting for the bus, but after leaving the train station/gare the driver didn’t make the usual turn. There was a deviation or detour. The deviation caused the route to be changed. We skipped at least three planned stops on the normal route. Even though it was a different route we arrived at our destination on time. There weren’t any signs indicating the route changes, so too bad if your stop was one of the routes that were skipped.

After lunch and homework we took a walk out of the Intra-Muros to the Sillon Beach. We walked around the basin Vauban. The horizon looked hazy, but by the time we walked back towards the harbor we could tell a fog was “rolling in”.  The Corsaire Ferry from Dinard arrived through the fog.

Corsaire Ferry approaching through the fog

Corsaire Ferry approaching through the fog

We sat at the harbor for about 20 minutes as the fog got thicker.  The Brittany Ferry which was docked on the other side of the harbor slowly disappeared in the fog.

Brittany Ferry in the fog

Brittany Ferry in the fog

We did find a couple of interesting license plates in the parking lot.  There was an E license plate for Espagne (Spain).


Espagne (Spain) plate

There was another license plate we could not immediately identify.  After a little research, it turned out to be an old style license plate from Belgium.


Belgique (Belgium) old style plate