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Monday May 9, 2016 is VERY quiet! The forecast is for 80% chance of rain, but no chance after 15:00.

We worked on homework and household chores until after lunch.

Around 16:00 we took a walk and decided to wear our raincoats, just in case. Good thing we were prepared, because it drizzled and rained lightly the entire hour we were walking.

We walked to the Port Saint-Louis and dropped off garbage, recycling, and glass bottles which are the only thing separated from the rest of the recycling. The air smells bad. We have never been here when it smelled like this. It’s almost a “grain” or soybean smell but very unpleasant.

At Port Saint-Louis we walked up about 30 steps to get to the top of the ramparts.  We walked across the top of the ramparts to the Chateaubriand area.  As we walked on the ramparts by the Plage du Bon Secours we saw that a group of men were playing pétanque.

Men playing pétanque

Men playing pétanque

Our first stop was the pharmacy for sun screen and vitamins. Sandy had the boxes from the previous items we had purchased at the pharmacy, so it was easy to ask for new items. These items are not always available in grocery stores and are considered “para-pharmacy” items.

Our second stop was at La Maison du Pain for a fresh baguette for dinner.

After we returned to the apartment, the plumber Gilles, stopped by to fix our shower faucet. It was just plugged up in the nozzle. Since it was partially clogged, the nozzle was not able to pass enough water volume through to switch on the hot water heater.  By removing the clog the nozzle  allowed enough water to flow through to get the water heater to ignite.  We remembered one day right after we arrived when there was a problem with the water for a couple of hours.  The water was a disgusting brown color but then cleared up. There must have been a lot of sediment in the water that day and it clogged up our nozzle. Problem solved in less than 5 minutes. Our shower tomorrow should feel like Niagara Falls!  Thank you Mr. Gilles the Plumber.