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Sunday May 8 is not Mothers’ Day in France.  It is later in the month of May.  But for today it is a nice day, but quite windy.

Many people left Saint-Malo this morning to return home.  Tomorrow is back to work and school.

No lunch today, rather we will be having a big meal in the late afternoon.  We have the pork roast we purchased Friday morning.  It will be part of the big meal along with potatoes and carrots purchased Friday morning at the marche.

After our late afternoon dinner we got to FaceTime with our son Michael.  It is always good to talk with him, and to see him and his cat, Kima.  The weather in Winona has been considerably warmer than here in Saint-Malo.  It was around 90F the other day in 26622282580_b3175c75e2_oWinona.

After talking with Michael we headed out to the harbor to see what was happening.  The small cruise ship Silver Explorer was still in port.  They will be leaving port this evening, but they have to wait until high tide.

When we got to the harbor there were about 15 small sailboats and cabin cruisers waiting in the harbor.  They wanted to enter the lock / ecluse to enter the sheltered basin Vauban.  When they get there early before the lock is open, they just slowly cruise around the harbor killing time. At around 19:30 they got to enter the lock and then entered the basin Vauban.  The Silver Explorer left its moorings and entered the lock.  After about 20 minutes the water level in the lock was lowered sufficiently to allow the Silver Explorer to exit the lock and enter the outer harbor.

While we were  watching the ships in the harbor, we also got to see the cormorant at work.  It was all over the harbor diving for fish.  At one time it flew across the harbor. Below is a short slide show of its flight.

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