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Saturday May 7 and the weather forecast is for a wonderful morning, but the possibility of thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Our day starts with a walk to the esplanade Saint-Vincent to get the number 2 bus.  That bus will take us to the Hippodrome, the horse racing area.  There is to be a big garage sale there today.  We had some time to wait for the bus and during that time our friend Jean joined us at the bus stop.  He was headed to Rocabey for the marché.

Our ride to the Hippodrome bus stop was quick and it was a short 4 minute walk to the Hippodrome and the garage sale.  There is a cost to enter the garage sale, 1€ per person, but for that you also get a drink.

We walked around the garage sale and Sandy spotted a couple of clear glass dishes which will work as either small salad dishes or dessert dishes.  We bought them from the local animal humane society, so it is always nice to support them.

After lunch we took a walk to the harbor.  There were two cormorants fishing in the harbor near where we were sitting.  They are always interesting to watch.  First they float, then they do a surface dive with their whole body leaving the water, and then after a while they resurface usually a good distance from their initial dive.

We then went to the Place du Marché aux Légumes.  The Place was very crowded.  All the benches were occupied, so we did not stay long.  But it is always fun to look at the flowers.


Place du Marché aux Légumes

Later in the evening we went out to look at the high tide.  The tidal coefficient was 109 on a scale of 0 to 120, so it was pretty high.  There was not much wind so the waves were very gentle.  The water was very high in the harbor, especially when you compare it to earlier in the day.

The photo on the left was taken at 12:00 today.  The photo on the right was taken at 20:00 this evening.  The pole in the center of the picture on the left is the same pole that is in the right side of the picture on the right. The water level has risen quite a lot!


In the basin Vauban we saw a new passenger ship had arrived, the Silver Explorer. It came into the harbor at 19:07 is evening.

Silver Explorer in the basin Vauban

Silver Explorer in the basin Vauban