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Friday May 6, 2016 we wake up still tired from our walks yesterday.  It is sunny and the predicted high is 23 C or about 74 F.

Sandy bought a croissant, pain au chocolat, and a baguette Festival for our breakfast.  After breakfast she shopped at the Intra-Muros market for salad and fresh fruit.

Our main task this morning was to shop at the Saint-Servan marché.  On our walk across the bridge we could see portable railings and planters on the quay.  This usually indicates that a passenger or cruise ship will be docking soon.  We’ll have to watch and see.

We want to cook a pork roast for Sunday dinner which means a trip to the butcher, Ferme les Aubriais. The assistant is always glad to see us and greeted us in English and Sandy responded in French. They both like this little bit of banter. We purchased a small pork roast, 2 sausages and some sandwich ham.

Phil made reservations for us to have dinner at Divers’ Cité, then met our neighbor Jean for a coffee at Le Charly’s bar.

Sandy walked to the local Carrefour City for butter and ice cream. MDQ

After lunch we took the garbage and recycling to one of the garbage / poubelle centers. We then mailed a letter to the United States. We stopped at the Maison du Quebec which opened last weekend just to say “bonjour.”  The free weekly movies they sponsor will begin next week.

We walked along the ramparts that were full of visitors.  It was low tide and many people were out searching for crustaceans.  It was slow walking long the ramparts because everyone was stopping long the walls to look at the extremely low tide. We could see sand bars in places where we usually see water.

We ended our walk on the ramparts and descended to harbor area.  The tide was so low we could see the harbor area where the dredging vessel had been busy increasing the depth of the harbor.


Area of the harbor being dredge to accommodate the fishing boats

Tonight starts the “Grande Maree” of high tide with a coefficient of 112.  We plan to see it tomorrow when the coefficient will be 114 around 20:00.  The sun doesn’t set here until after 21:25 so there’s plenty of time to look at the sea.

We will be off to dinner at Divers’ Cite in about 30 minutes.  Looking forward to a good time.