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Wednesday May 4, 2016 and the weather forecast is for sunny and a high temperature of 18 C, which means A BEACH DAY!

Sandy worked on homework and household chores while waiting on the phone to solve an internet access problem with our bank, HSBC France.  Phil met our neighbor Jean for coffee at 10 am.

Around noon, we put on our boots, a light jacket and walked the 5 minutes to the beach.  Low tide was forecast for 12:30 today.  The tide was definitely out and we were able to walk farther away from the ramparts than we’ve walked before.  The water is still very cold, but in small tide pools it would have been warm enough for Sandy to get a toe wet.

Click a photo to enlarge the set.

After walking around and wondering about two indentations/creations in the sand we were ready for lunch.

We stopped at La Pie Qui Boit for lunch and talked to Didier.  Last Sunday we wondered why he had paddled out in a kayak to Grand Be island and returned with his dog, Nino.  He told us today that someone had seen Nino, stranded on the island as the high tide came in and warned him.  He borrowed a kayak and had to go and rescue the dog.  Nino most likely did not get a “good dog” treat that night!

For lunch Sandy ate a Salad du Pays du Cantal which consists of green salad, cured ham, Cantal cheese, home  grown tomatoes, and fried potatoes.  It is delicious and she ate every bite.  Phil enjoyed Quiche Lorraine.   For dessert, we shared a Nutella and confiture de banana maison crepe.  The sun was so hot that the silverware on top of the table was too hot to touch!  We both took off our jackets and were glad we’d brought out hats.  We would have been burnt!  Even though the temperature was 18C, the humidity was at 40%, there was a little breeze and we remembered from previous years, just how intense the sun can be here.

Earlier in the day when we were far out on the beach we saw a couple of gulls, a goeland and a mouette.  The mouette was standing still and the goeland was walking toward it.  We thought they would get close enough to get them in the same picture, but the goeland suddenly flew away.