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On Tuesday May 3, 2016 we planned to take the bus to the Secours Catholic resale boutique.

Yesterday, we were on the bus for two trips and didn’t remember that our bus passes had expired.  It is May and our passes expired on April 30.  Good thing the driver didn’t look too closely at our passes yesterday.  Our first stop was to the Gare for new bus passes.  We got on the bus at Saint-Vincent bus stop as usual and hoped the “inspector” wasn’t checking bus passes closely.  We purchased our new monthly passes and were on the bus towards our planned destination.

As we were walking towards the door of the Secours Catholic resale boutique, they unlocked the door and about 6 other people entered.  Sandy purchased a new pair of slippers, a new pair of socks with anchors on them, a ball of grey yarn, and a pair of slacks for 4.50€ euros.  The store was very busy today!  They had set out cups, saucers, and pound cake for breaks, but the staff were too busy to offer anyone refreshments.  We did see some pretty flowers as we left the Secours Catholic.

We took the bus back to Intra-Muros and walked to the harbor.  It was a low tide.  The Corsair Ferry was dropping off over 100 children around 6 years of age with many chaperones.  They entered porte de Dinan.  We decided to take the back streets to our apartment.  We didn’t want to get in their way.  The bathroom breaks with that size of group must have been lengthy!  We did get to see an egret fly into the harbor and land not far from us.  It was feeding in the shallow water of the low tide.


egret in the low tide of the harbor

Sandy as usual was taking a look around the harbor in hopes of a new adventure.


Sandy exploring the harbor

After lunch we took the bus to Christine’s house for tutoring. It was such a beautiful sunny day we decided to take the number 3 bus to Paramé Mairie.  It dropped us off farther away than the number 5 bus, but that was okay.  It was a 12 minute walk to Christine’s house, but we got to be outside and enjoyed the sun.  There was enough of a breeze to blow most grass smells away but not feel too cool.

On our way back after the French lesson we saw a different license plate in the parking lot. It was basically a normal French license plate from department 64, Pyrénées-Atlantiques.  It is located in the southwest of France on the Atlantic Ocean and bordering Spain.  It is also the location of the Basque.  The Basque have had a goal of creating an independent country.  What we saw was a French license plate with the usual F for France in the lower left replaced with the flag of the Basque.  The flag was probably a sticker which just covered up the F. When we researched this idea we came across a reference where this behavior was previously observed.  There are probably a lot of Basques who do the same thing, but this is the first time we saw a Basque flag (green, white and red) on a license plate.


French license plate modified with a Basque flag in the lower left