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Monday May 2, 2016 and it’s quiet. Many tourists leave on Sunday night. Sandy loves Monday morning when there are few people out and about.

Sandy purchased our breakfast croissant, pain au chocolat, and baguette Gana from the Maison du Pain. She loves the closeness of the location, but again thinks the La Fournee Malouine has superior croissants.

By 9:15 we were at the bus stop to go to the Carrefour hypermarche at La Madeline Center. We needed yogurt (they have two huge, long cases full of a variety of styles and kinds), cleaner for windows, Cheerios, red fruit muesli, and several other items.

At the Carrefour we ran into the universal problem of trying to purchase a product which did not have a bar-code.  We selected a small gray metal table for the balcony and it did not have a bar-code.  None of the other tables had bar-codes.  We took a picture of the price tag above the tables in hopes that the cashier could use that price.  When we got to the cashier we explained the problem and showed her the picture.  We hoped she would use the 16,99€ price in the picture.  Instead she tried to scan the picture.  At first it did not work, but we rotated the picture and zoomed in on the bar code and voila! She was able to successfully scan the price.  Glad she thought of that solution.


Table price and bar-code

On the way back, while walking between the bus stop at esplanade Saint-Vincent and the apartment, we took a of picture of one of the trees which line the area outside the ramparts.  The trees are trimmed back each year.  In the late spring they regrow their branches and leaves.


For lunch we ate at home and had croque monsieur sandwiches.  After lunch it was time to do paperwork and homework.

Later in the afternoon our only errand was to go to the pharmacy.  After the pharmacy we walked to the harbor to sit and watch the activity as the boats come and go.