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Saturday April 30, 2016 is a beautiful sunny day but still cool and it will be Saturday in the Park.

Sandy experimented with a different boulangerie today. She went to the boulangerie on the Grand Rue.  She purchased two croissants and a loaf of bread shaped like a baguette, but much fatter and longer.  Sandy did not think the croissants were the best and will return to La Fournee Malouine for OUR croissants.  Sandy prefers very light, flaky, melt in your mouth croissants from La Fournee Malouine boulangerie to the heavier, thicker croissants we had today.

The chili Sandy made yesterday turned out just great. She used the same ingredients as last time so she is 2 for 2.  Today we are making meatballs.  Phil got the “get your hands dirty” job of forming the meatballs. We cooked the meatballs in the oven rather than frying them. They look and smell delicious!  We will have them with lasagna tomorrow for Sunday dinner.

In the afternoon the Parc de la Briantais held their Marché aux FleursRTEmagicC_aff-marche-aux-fleurs-2016---briantais-fond-rouge_2_.jpg There were over 60 vendors and exhibits.  It was in a beautiful setting overlooking the sea and a gorgeous looking château is there. Here is the information from the Saint-Malo tourism site:

Remodeled in the 19th century by the Bühler brothers, this magnificent 27-hectare park offers stunning views over the estuary of Rance, the Solidor Tower and the Bay of Saint-Malo. You will discover an extremely diverse herbaceous flora, a rich forest flora and numerous species of birds.  The castle, formerly owned by Guy La Chambre – former State Minister, deputy, mayor of Saint-Malo – was transferred to the diocesan association of Rennes. Ever since it was acquired by the City of Saint-Malo in 1999, it regularly hosts expositions and events.

The flowers were brilliant, the sunshine bright, and of course the wind was blowing.  The following slideshow will give you a flavor of the event.

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We had to change buses both going and returning to get to the park.  We would have preferred to visit tomorrow, Sunday, but the buses don’t run as often on Sunday. We did not have any problems changing buses.  We followed the “itinerary option” located on the local bus company website.