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Saturday April 29 is going to be a mixed weather day.  The morning is to be nice, but cool.  The afternoon is supposed to have rain.  Even though we have 7 errands on our list for today, they are small and will be done in the morning.

ERRAND 1. Sandy did an early morning visit to the Intra-Muros marche.  She purchased some salad, apples, strawberries, tomatoes and pears.  She did see our 5th floor neighbor Jean in the marche.  He was talking with one of the other vendors.

The day starts with a walk out of Porte Saint-Louis and then on to Saint-Servan.  As we went through Port Saint-Louis we saw a ship which was new to us in the basin Vauban.  It was the British sailing ship Lord Nelson.  Phil took a few pictures of this nice looking sailing ship.

ERRAND 2 AND 3. The walk to Saint-Servan was quite nice but windy.  We had to make a stop at the Librairie Pages et Images, which is a bookstore, not a library.  Our internet service provider Free Telecom had delivered a package for us to the bookstore.  After picking up the package, we headed to the Au Panier d’Italie which is a small Italian take out place in Saint-Servan.  We purchased some lasagna bolognese, some courgettes au gratin, and a small pizza.  We will have the pizza on Saturday.  The lasagna and au gratin will be for the main meal on Sunday.

ERRAND 4 and 5. We then headed to the marche which is Saint-Servan on Saturdays.  We walked around the outdoor market and then entered the indoor market.  Sandy purchased a pineapple.  She had meant to buy one at the Intra-Muros marche earlier in the day but had forgotten.  In the mean time, Phil waited in the Ferme les Aubriais butcher line.  Ground beef was the purchase there.  Half of the meat will be used to make some chili later today.  The rest will be used on Saturday to make Italian meatballs.

On the way back from Saint-Servan we stopped at the harbor.  The dredging vessel and the barge had moved again.  Now they were closer to the west end of harbor, not far from where we were sitting.


Dredging vessel and barge


Dredging vessel and barge

ERRAND 6. On the way back from the harbor Sandy went into the La Fournee Malouine boulangerie (bakery) for a baguette.  In the boulangerie she saw the father of Natalie our neighbor on the 6th floor.  She had a nice short talk with him.  As he left the boulangerie he stopped and talked with Phil about the boulangerie and the lady who ran the shop.  He had to hurry off because he was driving Natalie and children to the gare / train station to get the TGV back to Paris.  It was very nice to see him.

ERRAND 7. Sandy headed back to the apartment and Phil went to buy the newspapers.  A Le Figaro and Ouest France were today’s choices.

Today we walked 6.14 kilometers / 3.8 miles with no bus rides.

Right after lunch we started the chili making process.  It was done after a couple of hours of simmering.

Doing our French homework also occupied a good part of our afternoon.

A light rain started mid-afternoon and continued into the evening.