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April 25 in Saint-Malo and we have to start the day with day-old coffee and instant coffee.

First an update on the Transact bakerly sailing event.  Remember they left Saint-Malo on Saturday April 23 in the evening.  To see a video of the departure click on the following link, but first mute your device.  The only sound on the video is the sound of the helicopter propellers and that gets a bit old after a while.  So this is the link.

So yesterday, Sunday, we discovered we had a broken carafe for our coffee maker.  With a big hole in the side of the carafe, brewing a pot of coffee was out of the question.  So today we are heading to the Carrefour hypermarche in search of a replacement pot.  The grocery list for Carrefour is also pretty long.  These are items we cannot get at the daily market / marche. We will also stop at Conforama to pick up two more small mats for the hall way.  Darty will also be a stop since they may have replacement pots.

C3510_1-204We found the mats we wanted for the hallway at Conforama. We did get a replacement pot for the coffee maker at Carrefour and got all our grocery list items.  We then stopped at a chocolatier, Jeff de Bruges, to buy a small box of chocolates for our visit to Natalie’s apartment this evening.

When we returned home we figured out how the replacement pot worked with our old coffeemaker.  After a false start, we adjusted the height of the top of the replacement pot and it worked fine.

After lunch Phil and Jean from the 4th floor when for a short walk and had a coffee at Le Charlys.    Sandy stayed in the apartment and worked on homework.

At around 19:00 / 7PM we headed up the stairs to pick up Jean and Denise.  Then the four of us when up to the 5th floor to have an aperitif with Natalie.  Also there were Natalie’s parents.  They have an apartment not far for us, near the Port Saint-Louis.  Natalie’s two children were also there.  We had a really nice time with everyone.  We got to try some new foods and enjoyed some nice drinks.

We got back to the apartment at 20:45 / 8:45PM and did not feel like fixing anything for dinner.  So, we had yogurt and cereal.