Saturday April 23 is to be a shopping day.  The Intermarche grocery store in Rocabey and the Rocabey market are on the agenda.

The forecast is for no rain, but a cool day with a temperature around 11 C / 52 F.

We started with our usual walk through the parking lot outside of the Intra-Muros.  It is a fast way to the bus stop at the esplanade Saint-Vincent and it is usually in the sunshine.  The parking lot is a good place to look for license plates on cars from other areas of France and from other countries.  Today we found a car from Andorra (AND) and a car from Austria (A).

The bus trip to Rocabey is very short, 2 minutes.  The walk from the bus stop to the Intermarche is 5 minutes.  As usual on Saturday morning the Intermarche is a busy place.  But we get our shopping done pretty quickly.

We then headed to the Rocabey marche.  The first stop was the Ferme les Aubriais butcher in the indoor market.  We purchase two tomato farcie and a large piece of rump-steak.  Half of the rump-steak will be for tonight and the tomato farcie will be for Sunday dinner.

After the butcher we went to the outdoor market and purchased 6 small geraniums for the balcony.  That ended our shopping for the day and we headed to the bus stop at Rocabey.

On the bus back to Intra-Muros we were again interviewed by the bus company survey staff.  That was the third time in two days.  But it was a good way to practice our French.

For lunch we had a ham sandwich and some bread pizzas Sandy made from left over bread.  It was very good and we ended lunch with a dessert of flan for Phil and an eclair for Sandy.

In the afternoon Sandy repotted the geraniums into the pots for the balcony.  They look really good!

At about 18:30 / 6;30PM we headed to the harbor to view the departure of the Transact bakerly sailboats.  It was interesting, but pretty cold and windy out on the breakwater / mole (le mole des noises). We stayed around for about 90 minutes then headed back to the apartment.


 a lot of boats in the harbor today


a huge trimaran








We were sitting on the wall of the breakwater / mole watching the boats.  The view behind us was pretty good.  You could see a large part of the ramparts bathed in sunshine.  You can also get a perspective on how tall the walls are compared to people on the beach.


view of the ramparts from the breakwater / mole (le mode des noires)

For dinner Phil cooked half of the rump-steak and we had it with french fries.  For dessert we had the rest of the flan and eclair from lunch.  Everything was delicious!