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First an update. On April 7 we had a very high tide here in Saint-Malo.  A local group created a nice short video of the high tide which can be viewed at this link.

Today is a cloudy day with an 80% chance of rain. We will see if the forecast is accurate.

Our French lesson is at 10 AM.  We left the apartment at 9:20 to walk to the esplanade Saint-Vincent. The number 2 bus was at the bus stop so we got on it right way.  The gare / railroad and bus station was just a 5 minute ride.  At the gare we waited about 10 minutes for the number 5 bus.  The ride on the number 5 bus is about 7 or eight minutes to the stop Jacques Hesry which is the closest stop to our tutor Christine’s house.  From the bus stop it is a 4 minute walk to Christine’s house and we arrived at 9:59.

The only rain during our trip was two drops while we waited at the gare.

During the bus ride we were interviewed by a person who was taking a survey for the bus company.  He asked us some questions about our use of the bus that day, the bus stop where we originally got the bus today, the purpose of our trip, what type of ticket we had (single ride ticket, day ticket, or monthly pass) and other questions about our demographics.

The French lesson was interesting as usual.  Michel, Christine’s husband, stopped by to say hello.  He and Sandy briefly discussed their visits to the dentist this week.

By coincidence we got the same survey on the way back from our French lesson.  We thought they might not want us to take the survey again, but they did.  Hopefully we gave the same answers as the previous survey.

At the gare we had to again change buses from the number 5 to either a number 1, 2 or 3.  While we waited for the bus, we saw 10 or 12 boys playing a version of rugby.  The ball was being tossed around quite quickly.


Rugby pick up game at the gare, the boy on the left in the gray shirt has the rugby ball.

After getting our bus at the gare, we took it to the end of the line which is the esplanade Saint-Vincent at the foot of the Intra-Muros.  We walked through the Transat RACE VILLAGE in search of give-aways.  We got a few pastry items.  Sandy picked up a half of a ham and cheese sandwich.  I guess she was a little hungry.

No rain on our walk back to the apartment.  So the forecast was not exactly accurate.

There were a lot more boats in the basin Vauban today.  Not sure how many, but probably all of those that will participate in the race.  Since there are different classes (types/sizes) of boats participating in the race there is quite a variety of ships in the basin.


boats moored at the quai Saint-Louis in the basin Vauban


marques with give aways


double-decker bus advertising the race

After lunch we worked on our French lesson homework and reviewed things we learned in class today.  Then we spent quite a bit of time checking on our paper work for the visit to the OFII office in Rennes tomorrow morning.  We have quite a bit of paper work to take with us and hopefully the right ones.

Later in the afternoon we did get a little shower, so perhaps the forecast was not too far off.

Tonight we are going to bed early.  We have to catch the 7:17 train to Rennes in the morning.