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Wednesday April 20 started out as a very windy day and ended as a very windy day.

Not much planned for today.  Sandy is a bit fatigued today.  It is because of the stress of the visit to the dentist yesterday.  Even though it worked out much better than expected, Sandy had been quite agitated and upset about the whole thing.  From the time she broke the tooth on Sunday evening, until we returned home from the dentist she had really been  stressed about the whole thing.  Now it is matter of calming down and realizing how fortunate we were to find a dentist so easily and to have him fix her broken tooth in less than 1 hour.  Being so stressed is easy to understand, and it takes time to recover.

Phil and his friend Jean went out for a coffee this morning.  They went to the Cafe Le Charlys which is about 100 feet from our apartment building.  Coffee, discussion, and people watching are the main activities at Le Charlys.

After a while, Sandy showed up at Le Charlys.  Phil and Sandy then did some walking around the Intra-Muros and shopped for some fruit.  Then it was back to apartment to do some chores and homework.

This afternoon we went to the pharmacy to get some prescriptions refilled.  Then we walked out to the basin Vauban to see what was happening with the sailing boats involved with the Transat bakery race.  The wind which had been strong in the morning had lessened around lunch.  But now around 4 PM / 16:00 the wind was picking up and the sky was getting quite gray.  It looked like it might rain.  We walked around the RACE VILLAGE which is 15 or 20 marques which are set up for the race.


The RACE VILLAGE in Saint-Malo

The marques have vendors and organizations displaying their offerings.  Sandy stopped by a couple of places which were giving away pastries.  We’ll have them for breakfast on Friday when we have to take an early train to Rennes.

The preliminary race from Saint-Malo to Plymouth will be on April 23.

The real race from Plymouth to New York will set off on May 2.


The race has 3 or 4 different classes of boats, but the most interesting part of the race is that it is solo race.  The boat has only one person abroad, the captain.the-race-map-en

We walked over to the harbor and sat for a while enjoying the view and the fresh air.  We did get to see a cormorant.  The bird was sitting atop a tall pole.  They often do this to dry their weathers after swimming for the food. But, there was not much else going on and as the wind continued to build it was getting quite cool.  We headed back to apartment to warm up.


CORMORANT surveying its domain