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Monday April 18 is a cool but very sunny day in Saint-Malo.  It was also a morning of teeth and phone calls.

Today’s blog actually started yesterday evening after dinner.  While Sandy was dental flossing, she felt a tooth break.  Previously she had problems with two teeth which had fillings and this was the same case.  A tooth with a filling had broken in two.  She was not in any pain, but it prevented her from chewing food on that side and it just felt funny.  Sandy immediately sent an email to our tutor Christine explaining the situation and asking her for the name of her dentist.  Christine replied quickly with the name of her dentist, so at that point all we could do is wait until Monday morning to call for an appointment.

Monday morning Sandy was not in a great mood.  The broken tooth bothered her, but it was the prospect of going to the dentist which made her most unhappy.  Not too many people like to go to the dentist.  Phil called the dentist for an appointment and we were lucky enough to get an appointment for 17:00 / 5 PM on Tuesday.

Sandy then had to call her dental insurance company to explain the situation and ask them how to go about getting coverage while out of the USA.  We will have to cover the costs ourselves and then submit the bills to the insurance company.

The next thing we had to do was to figure out where the dentist was located and then decide which bus would get us there.  That took a while, but we will be able to get a bus to within a couple of blocks of the dentist and then walk.

The next thing was to head out to Conforama to shop for some smalls rugs for the entry way.  Conforama is a store for furniture, appliances, lighting and rugs.  We have purchased rugs and lighting from them in the past.  We found the small rugs we wanted and purchased them for 9€.

We then crossed the street to shop at the Carrefour hypermarche.  There we purchased some potting soil, cranberry juice, napkins and yogurt.

On the trip back we got lucky and caught a number 1 bus as soon as we walked to the bus stop.

For lunch Sandy had soup and fruit.  She successfully avoided aggravating her broken tooth.  Phil got a ham sandwich on crusty bread!

The afternoon was spent making sure we had the correct paper work for our trip to the government VISA people in Rennes on Friday.  We seem to have everything we need.  The next task was to figure out how we were going to get there.  We will take a bus, then a train and then walk the last 10 minutes to the office.  That took a bit of doing because it ended up that the main train station was not the best station for us to go to.  Instead we will get off about two stops before the main station and just have the short 10 minute walk.  Not bad!

We did not get to take any pictures today, but I will borrow a picture from the Saint-Malo tourism site.  There is a sailing race coming up between Plymouth, England and New York, USA.  As a preliminary to the real race, the competitors are having a race between Plymouth and Saint-Malo.  There will be a lot of very large sailing ships in the harbor in the next week.