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Saturday April 16 and the day will be about water and plants.

We had eaten breakfast and were outside the Intra-Muros standing on the mole /  breakwater by 8:45 am.  The name of the mole/breakwater is “Le môle des noires.” We were at the end of the mole to watch the start of a sailing regatta. The regatta is for students and they are mentored by experienced sailing captains. We counted at least 36 sailboats in the regatta.  We heard a horn honk from a boat that appeared to have officials on it and the boats headed to the starting line.  It was very interesting to see so many boats in the same area.  The wind was brisk and we thought a few boats were going to capsize.


regatta start

After watching the start of the regatta, we walked to the Carrefour City store inside the walls and bought cranberry juice and a new kind of cake.   The cake is called “Mini-Financiers aux amandes.”  They are delicious bite-sized butter pound cakes with almonds. Our tutor Christine had them and they are delicious!  It’s hard to stop at just one!

After lunch, homework, and household chores we walked to Saint-Servan.  The city was holding a flower and plant show in their market area.  There were only about 10 vendors there.  They were mostly individuals selling vegetable plants for your own personal garden.


flower and plant market

Across from the flower and plant market is the Saint-Servan library. There is a statue of a naval hero Admiral Bouvet in front of the library.  Around the statue there is a lovely flower bed brightening up the area.


Admiral Bouvet



We walked back and sat outside the harbor watching boats come and go for about an hour.  Even though it’s windy, it’s a lovely sunny day.

For dinner we had reservations at Divers’ Cite, a small restaurant about 2 minutes from the apartment.  Phil had bass with leeks, rice and potatoes.  Sandy had a beef steak, salad and french fries.  For dessert Phil had chocolate mousse and Sandy had profiteroles with chocolate and caramel sauce. The dinner was delicious as always.