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Friday April 15, 2016 was tax day in the U.S.  It is also tax season here in France.

Here in Saint-Malo it was partly sunny and cool, around 10 C / 50 F with a brisk wind.

On Friday we have a marche in the exposition hall which is 1 minute from our apartment.  Sandy headed there early in the morning. She bought salad and a few pieces of fruit from the Intra-Muro vegetable and fruit vender.  She also ran into our neighbor Jean from the 4th floor.  He was also shopping at the marche.  Between Jean and the vendor Sandy had to really concentrate to keeps things straight. It was difficult for her to concentrate on ordering fruit in French, being polite to the vendor, and conversing in French with our neighbor.  She left the market wondering if she’d forgotten to buy something.

We walked to Saint-Servan to buy some geraniums from the flower vendor in the market there.  We purchased a bag of potting soil earlier in the week and we wanted to plant the geraniums in our hanging planters on the balcony.  We bought 6 plants with bright red flowers for 6€.   We also stopped at the butcher in the indoor market and purchased some pork.

On the way back from Saint-Servan we took a street which we hardly ever walk down.  It turned out to have a very nice view of the Anse des Sablons (cove Sablons) and the boats in the cove.


View of “Anse des Sablons” (Cove Sablons) walking from Saint-Servan


Anse des Sablons (Cove Sablons) from the air

When we returned to our apartment Sandy went about repotting the geraniums.  She spread newspapers on the kitchen floor, got out the potting soil and did the repotting.  The geraniums look pretty from inside the apartment since they can be seen through 3 sets of french doors.  They also look good from the street because they hang over the railing on the balcony and are easy to see from the street.

We worked on homework, did a few household chores, ate lunch and were ready for a short walk around 16:00.  We dropped off the recycling and garbage on our walk out the Intra-Muros and headed for the harbor.  The wind had picked up and it was difficult to walk.  We held onto our hats this time to keep from losing them.  The water in the harbor was very choppy and the small boats moored to floats were bobbing up and down like toys.

Later we were invited to our neighbor’s apartment on the 4th floor.  Jean had prepared a little snack and aperitif for us.  It was his way of thanking us for dinner last night.