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Tuesday April 12, 2016 was a beautiful sunny day. The high temperature for the day was 18 C or 65 F. But it was not sunny all day.

We left the apartment around 9:20 and returned at 13:30.

To start, we caught the bus to the Gare and waited for a connection. We waited across the street from a large boulangerie/patisserie and watched people coming and going from the shop. Today a lady walked down the street with a large black Labrador and a small black French bulldog. Neither of them was on a leash. When she reached the boulangerie she talked to the dogs and pointed to a place next to the door. The large black Labrador laid down where she pointed and then she talked to the little black dog. The small dog sat down next to the large dog. The lady went into the boulangerie. Both dogs stayed where she left them even though other customers walked by them. The dogs were cute to watch and were well-trained.

We caught our connecting bus, the number 5, to our tutor Christine’s house for our 2 hour session. We got a special rest pause about one hour and half into the session. Christine had us pause to get us a coffee.  We all had an espresso.  We’re guessing Christine has an espresso machine because she brewed up the three coffees very quickly.  Next time we’ll ask her what kind of coffee maker she has in her kitchen.  The time flew by and Christine gave us two worksheets for homework to be completed by Thursday.

When the session with Christine ended, we hurried back to the bus stop to catch the bus. We wanted to go to the Secours Catholic thrift shop. The same bus we took to Christine’s house would take us to the thrift shop.  We got our number 5 bus as expected.  But there was a diversion in the route and we were not able to get off at the stop we wanted.  Instead we had to get off in Saint-Servan and walk for about 10 minutes to the Secours Catholic thrift shop.  Not a big deal since it was such a nice day.

At the thrift shop, Sandy wanted to buy acrylic yarn, wash cloth-mitts, and socks for Phil. She found two skeins of yarn, two mitts, and one pair of socks. The total price was 1.30 €  or $1.50. Phil talked to one of the ladies that volunteered there while Sandy shopped. As usual, the staff is very nice to us.

From the thrift shop we had to walk back to Saint-Servan to get a bus back to the Intra-Muros.  We missed the bus we wanted and ended up getting back a little later than expected.  We were tired from all of the “brain strain” but happy to be outside walking on a gorgeous day.

After lunch Phil completed our USA and Illinois taxes using the TAXACT software on the internet.  We then worked on our homework.  We completed the homework, but we will check our answers tomorrow.

Now it was time to take a quick walk to the Carrefour City inside the Intra-Muros.  It had been a warm, bright sunny day, but as we walked it started to drizzle.  We got our items at the Carrefour City, ice cream, butter, jam, bread and carrots rappe.  It was still drizzling as we walked back to the apartment.

The ice cream is vanilla with caramel and pecans.carte-dor_26120960050_o

Later in the afternoon we had some thunder and lightning as a light rain passed through.  It did not last more than about 45 minutes.