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Today is Monday April 11, 2016.  It was much warmer today than yesterday.

We left our apartment around 9:30.  Our plan was  to go to La Madeline Center where the Carrefour hypermarche is located.  We wanted to buy potting soil, a clock for the living room/salon, a knife to chop vegetables, a baking dish to make tarts, and a few additional items that can’t be purchased at local markets/marches. It took us over two hours to read labels, compare items and make our purchases.

As we waited for the bus to return to Intra-Muros we unzipped our jackets as it was much warmer.  Probably the nicest and warmest day we’ve had here so far.

After a quick lunch, we completed a few cleaning chores, then headed off to the beach.

It is school vacation around here for the next two weeks and there were many people enjoying the sun, sand, and low tide.  The sun was out and the temperature was 16 C / 62 F.  We walked up and down the beach, through tide pools, and enjoyed the wonderfully


Sandy in sand and water

fresh ocean air.  Sandy really likes to walk around in the shallow water.

There were quite a few small boats out this afternoon.  Children in the boats were learning sailing skills.  There were 3 different types of boats, used for different ages and different skill levels.


sailing lessons

We did notice a small shell which was a shade of orange.  As we walked around we spotted two more urchins with the same shell coloring.  No idea what type of sea urchins we saw, but they were pretty.  We tried to use the Google photo search to find a similar photo, but no luck so far.  Will try again tomorrow.


unknown orange sea urchin