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Today is Sunday April 10, 2016.  It is very windy, cool, and cloudy when Sandy walks to the boulangerie.  She buys her usual baguette the Festive , one croissant and a new Viennoiseries called “croissant amande.”  All croissants are considered Viennoiseries, but we have never had one with almonds, just butter, chocolate, and raisins.  All of them taste delicious!

The outing for today is to attend a flea market in Paramé.  The Braderie de l’enfance Domaine des Lutins is a flea market for mainly children’s clothing.  We took a number 3 bus to the stop at Paramé Cimetière, the cemetery in Paramé.  It was then just a 5 minute walk to the salle Duguay Trouin, a sport hall at the College Duguay Trouin. The college is very near the government tax offices and near the E.Leclerc shopping center.

We walked around the flea market and saw a huge amount of children’s clothing as


flea market

expected.  But there were also 2 vendors who had some DVDs.  Phil found 2 DVDs he wanted and got those for 1€ each.

  • Un Homme Presque Parfait – Nobody’s Foul, a Paul Newman movie
  • Une femme disparait – The Lady Vanishes, an Alfred Hitchcock movie

Our only other purchase was a can of Orangina, an orange soda we really like.

We walked back to the bus stop to grab the next bus back to the Intra-Muros.

On the way back to the apartment, we walked down the Quai Saint Louis to see the French


French sailing ship Belem

sailing ship Belem which had come into the harbor and basin last night.  We took a few pictures, then walked into the Intra-Muros.

The next thing was to buy a newspaper.  At the tabac/presse where we buy our newspapers we got to meet the owners’ daughter who was working the cash register.  Phil asked the owner if he was going to take the day off tomorrow, Monday, but he said there would be no more days off until after the vacation season.  That means the end of August.

For lunch we had the thick ham slice we purchased on Friday from the butcher and the vegetables, sweet potatoes and zucchini, we purchased on Friday at the Intra-Muros market.  Everything was very good.

This afternoon we had a little rain, but we did not know it until it had stopped.

The highlight of the afternoon was a FaceTime session with our son Michael.  Always good to talk with him, and to see him and his cat, Kima.

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