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Saturday April 9, 2016 started very sunny. We ate breakfast at our favorite boulangerie, La Fournee Malouine.

Then we walked a few steps to the harbor to see the high tide. Today the coefficient is at 118, the all time high for the year 2016. The maximum coefficient is 119, so this is the highest we have EVER seen it. Standing at the harbor, there is usually a long ramp from the sea to the street. The ramp had disappeared and the water was flowing over the edge of the ramp into the street.


high tide at Quai de Dinan

We stopped at our apartment to pick up our wheeled cart and then walked along the ramparts, out of the Intra-Muros along the sea front. We were walking towards the area referred to as the Sillon, a beach area between the Intra-Muros and the “digue” to see the high tide. As we walked along the sidewalk, quite a few businesses located across from the sea had either boarded up or sandbagged their doors. We heard a few people yelling as the waves broke over the sea wall. They probably got wet!!

We walked on to the Intremarche supermarket to pick up a few items.  Cereal, cranberry juice, gelatin and other items you cannot buy at the marches.

We then walked over to the Rocabey marche.  It is about a 3 minute walk.  We stopped at the flower vendor in the Rocabey outdoor marche to see if his rectangular pots of geraniums had arrived. He practiced his English as we practiced our French. He told us he would not having rectangular pots this year. We will buy individual plants from him next week. But first we have to buy potting soil.

On the way back we took the bus from the Rocabey stop back to Porte Saint-Vincent. From there we walked along the Quai Saint Louis which is on the west side of the Vauban basin to look at the ships.  Earlier in the day we had


German flag

spotted a large sailing ship flying the German flag.  We stopped to take a look and a couple of photos.  It is called the Alexander von Humboldt II. It is a German sailing ship used for training.  It is based in Bremerhaven in Germany.


Alexander von Humboldt II

Quite a nice looking ship.  So now in the harbor there is a British ship, TS Royalist, and a German ship, Alexander von Humboldt II.  Tonight a French sailing ship, the Belem, will enter the harbor and then enter the Vauban basin.  So tomorrow we will have a British, a French and a German sailing ship in the basin.

After taking some pictures of the Alexander von Humboldt, we reentered Intra-Muros via Porte Saint-Louis. Then a short detour to the tabac/presse to purchase a newspaper.

This afternoon the big task was to sort through the stack of newspapers in the end-table and take the old papers to the recycling station.

These pictures below are of the same place the breakwater (mole).  You can see the small lighthouse on the far right in each picture.   The wall is around 35 to 40 feet high.  A lot of water was there at high tide and then less than 24 hours later a lot of water had left.

The picture below on the left was taken at high tide on 8 April 2016 at 20:25.

The picture below on the right was taken at low tide 9 April 2016 at 17:17.

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