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Saturday April 2, 2016 was a bright sunny day.  We walked to the gare / train station which is also the bus station.  There we purchased monthly bus passes for April.

Then we took the bus back towards Intra-Muros.  We got off the bus at the Duguay-Trouin stop which is not our normal stop. We wanted to buy a box of chocolate so we stopped at a chocolatier near the Duguay-Trouin stop. We were invited to our friend and tutor, Christine and her husband Michel’s house for coffee this afternoon and thought the chocolates would be a nice present.

Our plan was to eat an early lunch so we could take the bus to their house for 2 pm. Sandy bought a cold ham and butter baguette sandwich for us to eat from our bakery.

Paramo mairie

Paramé mairie

We took the bus to Paramé.  Paramé was a separate city, but was amalgamated


with Saint-Malo and Saint-Servan in the 1960s to form the current Saint-Malo. We got off the bus at the center roundabout in Paramé.  The bus stop is called Paramé Mairie. Then we walked towards the cathedral and down the street for



about 10 minutes.  We hadn’t been in this part of town before.  We passed lovely large detached houses.  Some of them had decorative iron fencing around the front.  Take a look at the photo to see what we spied in the front yard of one of the houses as we walked by.

Christine and Michel have a lovely large house at the top of a hill.  They have lived there for 25 years.  They have a large yard and garden to take care of.  Christine has a lot of flowers, herbs, and plants. We enjoyed “cafe gourmand” which is espresso coffee served with three different small desserts.  She made pane cotta with pineapple, chocolate

maison de michel et christine

maison de michel et christine

Madeline, and vanilla Madeline (Madeleines are traditional, very small sponge cake or French butter cakes). We enjoyed a lovely afternoon with them before they gave us a ride back in their car.

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