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April 1st is a gorgeous day!  The sun is bright and warm.  The temperature was around 8 C or 46 F early in the day.

We walked to the pharmacy to buy vitamins, stopped to drop off a letter at the post office, bought a newspaper, and stopped at the twice weekly Intra-Muros market for fresh fruit and vegetables.  Sandy bought salad, an eggplant, pears, an orange, and strawberries.  This is enough fresh food to last until Tuesday when the locP1010969al market opens again.
Our plan today is to wear our ocean/rain boots and take a walk along the beach before high tide at 13:32 today.  The coefficient is expected to be 39 which is VERY low!  We plan to have lunch outside at “La Pie Qui Boit” (The magpie who drinks) after the beach.


Sandy at the beach


sailing ships






Our walk on the beach was great!  Both the sky and the water were vivid blue. The water was very clear.  You could see some sailing ships in the distance taking advantage of the good weather. After our walk we headed back into the Intra-Muros for lunch.

For lunch we stopped by the La Pie Qui Boit Hotel / Restaurant. This hotel/restaurant is owned and run by husband Didier and his wife Nathalie. Lunch was delicious!  It was warm enough to eat outside and Sandy even took her coat off for a while. We both enjoyed Croque Monsieur sandwiches and fries. When we ordered, the owner / cook Didier went off to his kitchen to cook the food.  Very nice service.


hot fries


croque monsieur






crepe framboise


For dessert we order a crepe framboise to share and two espressos.  The crepe was cooked wonderfully and the raspberry jam was delicious.  The jam was homemade at the restaurant by Didier the owner / cook.

Nathalie, the co-owner, is an expert at knitting and crocheting and sells her hats, scarves etc.  She showed Sandy several items she had made. Sandy asked Nathalie if she could teach her how to make the bonnets (ladies hats) and they exchanged phone numbers.  We can return for lunch next week and remind her Sandy is still interested in a crochet lesson.

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