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Today is Monday March 28,  Easter Monday.  The wind was very strong last night and woke Sandy up.  It must have been very strong for us to hear it through a granite stone building.  We usually don’t hear anything.  On the news we heard thousands of customers lost electricity in the UK, and in Brittany (Bretagne) and Normandy in France. Yesterday the Irish ferry company cancelled their trips to

P1010854Ireland due to the wind.

We headed to the Maison du Quebec to watched the “French version” of an Easter Egg Hunt at 11 am.  On the way we passed a lovely flower bed in the park near the maison.

Parents were to have pre-registered their children last Saturday for the Easter Egg hunt.  There was a queue to check off names.  The hunt

egg hunters

egg hunters


condor ferry

took place at the Maison de Quebec.  It is an area that is almost circular, lower than the sidewalks, and surrounded by bushes so there was a little protection from the wind. Sandy had to hold onto the branches of a bush to keep from being blown over.  All of the eggs that we could see were foil wrapped chocolate eggs.  The hunt was sponsored by the Intra-Muros association.

From there we walked out the Port de Dinan to the harbor.  A large Turkish tanker ship had just gone into the ecluse/lock.  A couple of minutes later a Condor Ferry was just coming in to dock.  The water was a gray/green color.


boat christening

After lunch we went to watch a new ship being christened.  The sky was brilliant blue with white puffy clouds as we headed out to the Quai/dock. The boat had been restored by a local group.  It took them over 3 years for the restoration. There were several speeches, the Mayor arrived and spoke. By the time the Monsignor began to speak it was raining and hailing! Another day and we were quite wet. At least we wore our rain coats today. Finally after blessing, baptizing, and prayers, a lady took the bottle of champagne and with one crack on the bow, the ship was officially launched. The champagne smelled really great.

We headed home to dry off again.

All our pictures for March in Saint-Malo France can be viewed at 2016-03 March in Saint-Malo on Flickr.  They will open in a separate window.