Today is Sunday Marcy 27, Easter.

pirate duck

pirate duck

Sandy bought a croissant and a baguette for our breakfast.

The Easter Bunny brought Phil a “Pirate Canard” (pirate duck) which is typical of living in a Corsair or “pirate” city.

The change to daylight savings time occurred this morning, so we are adjusting to the different time.

painting / tableau

painting / tableau

There was an art show in the Halle Bleu, the Blue Hall where the twice weekly market is held.  We recognized one of the artists who is local.  We have three other pictures painted by her.  We purchased an

additional one to hang in the salle au manger or dining room.

We took a walk out of the walled city along the beach called the Sillon.  There were

sillon beach / plage du sillon

Sillon beach / plage du Sillon

many people hurrying in the opposite direction.  It was as if they all had a bus to catch and we didn’t.

Since the wind and waves were so strong, there were about a dozen people surfing.  We stopped to watch them for a couple of minutes.

Very soon, it started to rain. The rain was coming from behind us .  When we turned around to walk home we got really soaked as it started to rain harder.  The wind was blowing stronger.   We were soaked on the front of our shoes, pants and coats.  It stopped raining quickly but we were already very wet. Good thing we have a large drying rack and hung up all of our wet coats etc.

We will be having ham and sweet potatoes for Sunday/Easter dinner today.

All our pictures for March in Saint-Malo France can be viewed at 2016-03 March in Saint-Malo on Flickr.  They will open in a separate window.